Rules & Exemptions

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The universe is undergirded by principles.

Gravity. Motion. Cause & Effect. Life & Death. Polarity. Etcetera.

These laws existed before man. But as man grew in consciousness, he became aware of these laws…and there will yet be more discoveries as his awareness expands.

Scientifically, these laws are not disputed. But naturally, do we not despise the out-workings of these laws in our lives? Or at least the principles that apply to man’s growth and enlightenment. Some confirm their ignorance further by saying, “there are exceptions to the rule…”

There will always be an exception. Exceptions are not for our explanation. They just are. To me, it confirms the Sovereignty of God over all creation. God can do whatever He wants to do. Which means, if it please Him, He can make a man’s way prosperous without any particular focus on learning and applying principles.

Yet, here is were men make mistakes. You cannot create another principle for your own separate existence by putting yourself on the edge of the exemptions that man cannot calculate.

Just like defying the law of gravity does not need any special retribution. Breaking oneself on it (the law of gravity) is enough to satisfy justice. Thinking oneself is exempted from it while strolling off of a skyscraper…untimely death, they call it! Hence, it is too lower than our true dignity to be looking for ways to evade the laws of life.

It is a very orderly universe…and God made it so! Now, we see the wisdom of science… it is only a credit to the Creator’s Wisdom, who Himself fashioned man by the Word of His Power. It is only wise for us to organise our lives along the lines of the principles of life we have learnt. And since ignorance is no excuse in law, we should strive to learn more so as not to fall out of the balance & order that is all too conspicuous in the universe….

…that is the cause of most troubles confronting man.

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Credit: Images from Google & Og Mandino

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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