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Why do you doubt yourself?

It’s a pattern. You’ve gotten used to it. You think it’s normal. And it is. Because you have made it normal.

That’s how you have been thinking. It is not a sign of humility. It’s just a conditioning that is totally psychological. People have spoken to you in a certain way. Things have turned out in a certain way. You have perceived yourself in a certain way. And then, you are. You are what you have been thinking since.

There is nothing surprising about what you have become. In fact, what is surprising is that it is surprising to you. Did you get that?

How do you doubt the genius that God has made you? That’s difficult for me to process. Has God ever made anything that is not good? Never! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, the great Psalmist says. Why then do you insult the intelligence of your Creator?

There are two culprits. The external world invested in all people with authority over you and the internal world with YOU as the authoritarian. But one is stronger! The authoritarian in you. You can choose to reject all the projections of people about you that continues to erode your true dignity. Affirm what you really are. If it doesn’t get through to you, it cannot become your fate. The whole world may be against you (in their perception of you) but without your approval, it doesn’t become official.

It is too cheap for you and even perilous to bend and accept the mold the world has put you in. What does the world know about you? What do people really know about you? Now, to the big question: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF? That and an unyielding resolve to live by what you know about yourself is the deciding factor of whom you eventually become. So, when you doubt yourself…it’s because you don’t know better. You had better do henceforth.

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