Random thoughts on family, enlightenment & personal excellence

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There are several clear paths of enlightenment today in the unfolding history of human achievement. They are clear because certain people staked their very existence on opening it up and a resolute dedication to their chosen task ensured the preservation of those paths. These paths exist today because they had disciples who continued their legacies and we have received much of what we know from these wise individuals.

But there are paths yet unknown or even previously known paths that are now overgrown with bushes of neglect and/or rejection. When you speak the wisdom of old, it looks so strange in today’s overrated secularised environment. That is even when you have not invented anything ooo! You have simply gleaned the wisdom of old sages and offered them in new formats…. What will then happen when entirely new discoveries are made about life and living?

Most of the risk you will have to take today will be instrumental in clearing up the currently overgrown landscape of personal excellence (as a family tradition). Much is dispersed per second on personal development through external media. And today’s teenager is not necessarily moved by all that “charade”. The dysfunction of their families continues to colour the formidability of these systems.

Which means, if families are citadels of excellence where teenagers can see more “light” in their homes than the ‘blinding’ light of enlightenment in mainstream society… they might be dysfunctional because of the acute peer pressure they currently experience but I must say that in most cases they will eventually return to the love, friendship, trust and honesty they have temporarily despised. They will again kiss the hands that cared for them from infancy…they will finally forgo the fleeting pleasures of social hooliganism for the stable joys of domestic relationships.

NOTE: I used the expression, “blinding light of enlightenment…” because of the multiplicity of views and schools of thought we have today, which makes it all the more difficult for a young person to find stability in his quest for emancipation, if he has any. If personal growth begins at home, it is much easier to assimilate and trust.

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