Do you understand?

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…find something that suits your passion and mobilises all your potential, do it and serve the world with the sweetness that it promises, the solution it proffers and the change it brings. Just doing this one thing, and doing it well, will seat you permanently with the 5% that are making the remaining 95% grateful for a job or something like that.

That’s your contribution to the world. Don’t you get it? Think about what you think you need today. A home! Clothes! Shoes! Etcetera. Think about material things… Is any of them made of something out of this world? Who is the original owner of these raw materials? Can any man claim to be the original owner? You know the answer. God owns it all cos He made all there is before mankind ever began his existence.

Now, every physical thing you need does not answer to pressuring yourself or feeling jealous or wondering why others have what you don’t have. It answers to us in a very simple, cheap way. But do we know it?

Since all we will ever purchase for our physical usage was made of something of the earth, living or non-living, then every time you serve the earth by doing what you were born to do – which will be making life better for people, making the planet function better, generally making things work better – you create a link between yourself and everything you will ever need. They will always flow to you of their own accord.

The things you see (I mean the way material things can sometimes look really far away from your reach) may make you think you need to pursue them by neglecting your real assignment. No! Trust me, that’s a mirage. The more you literally pursue, the more they elude you. They are designed to follow those who understand how things work. When you consistently give your very best in service, you are compensated in such a way that you can afford whatever you need. (You don’t have to believe that. Be it unto you according to whatever you believe!)They are there for you but you just can’t access them unless you use the legal tender and the official way to get that is by offering yourself in some form of enjoyable, fulfilling and making-the-world-a-better-place kind of service.

NOTE: I hope I have done a good job of explaining this. If you can press it more concisely, I invite you to shoot a comment that summarises what has been said in a much better way. May be give a quote or something.

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