Include & Preclude Modality

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We sometimes get overwhelmed by the excessive contents of possibilities surrounding us. So many things are possible, it all depends on your preference. Take an extreme scenario. Between living to a full, ripe old age and abruptly seizing from existence is a simple choice. And that choice makes us self-preserving… Or who among us would donate themselves to fill the casualty space in a road accident? It’s pretty much clear that a few little things we do daily are parts of the ways we keep ourselves alive.


We are involved in a selective existence. Irrespective of multiple contexts and contents in our different cultures, we gravitate to those things that can serve us. What does that mean? We have a mental activity going on within us that is stronger than any physical/environmental circumstances we are sandwiched into. With 100% precision, what is going on in your mind will always determine your personal experience, not what is going on in the world. Think about that!

So, to my Nobel-like idea on determining our experiences (which will not be new to most of you, anyway!), IPM is one way by which you can constantly filter the fury of contents swirling all around you to those useful to your present and eternal aspirations.

The ability to decide

Include what you prefer and Preclude what you care less about. Yes! It’s that simple. You already function in a similar fashion, trust me. You see, experience is your preferred share in life. Granted, some things are not within your control but like I always say, if we control what is within our grasp, we pretty much determine how what we can’t control unfold and to what end they manifest. Confusing? It’s just a paradox! Cos you eventually determine how things influence you…that decision is never taken from you.

So, you see… The world is a mixture of everything. There is good and there is evil. There is wealth and there is poverty. There is love and there is hatred. And on and on… It’s all there like in a market. You decide what you will like to purchase. It’s quite simple. You might say “there is so much evil in the world…do I really have a choice?”

Contributing to evil is always a choice. Even when people were under the threat of death, some refused to capitulate; for they preferred the victory of good over the tyranny of evil. The history of martyrdom is replete with such great heroes, old and young. And I am always inspired by the courage to assert what one believes.

The power of belief

The other day I heard that a man that was martyred in Rome was declared a saint in the evolving theology of that system some 400 years later. There are many people like that. What they stood for did not die with them. It might be temporarily suppressed in death but that death itself is what makes such ideals immortal.

What about wealth? That’s also a choice. Nothing becomes your experience until it feels your mind and rules your life. So, we have poor people in rich places and we have rich people in poor places. It is what runs your mind that runs your life. So, can you see that both the rich and the poor are actually doing the same thing.

Same process, different content, different results

The poor man includes poverty in his mindset and precludes wealth from the same. The rich man includes wealth in his mentality and precludes poverty from the same. Same process but different content. Here is how I know I can learn from anybody. If someone struggles a lot and things don’t work, it shows that that person is doing a pretty good job by increasing energy and keeping output at the same level. It’s genius level work. He continues to do the same thing while expecting a different result and he doesn’t get the result he says he wants and it is “working” for him. If this person knows nothing, at least he knows how to do things, expect a particular result and not get it. It is a specialty.

What are you including?

So, let me ask you. What do you permit into your mind? People say things like there are too many people scrambling for the same amount of limited resources. That’s a pretty well couched educated ignorance that has permanently disabled the potential of many people. Look, those who believe that can have any opportunity in this world, they will always think they are scrambling for their own share and either it’s never enough or there are always emergencies awaiting any financial windfall that keeps them at that same level of pity.

What are your precluding?

You must know that every physical thing you can ever need is already here. Our ancestors have created a gap between you and that thing called money. Once you can understand that these things are freely given by God to mankind, it will reduce their projected expensiveness in your mind and then that puts you in a vibration that either attracts you to opportunities or attracts opportunities to you. You have to make the leap (over money) in your mind and you’ll see that sometimes these things can come to you as a gift, not necessarily requiring the monetary exchange to be from you.

And then I hear some say, I can’t love this person. Oh I don’t love that woman any more. I can’t live with her anymore. Divorce court resumes another proceeding. Now… either in marriage or not, there is no one alive that another human being cannot love. The problem is never with them; it is always with you. Yes, you! Proximity deceives many married people with feelings of dissatisfaction and then they think they just need someone else until Someone Else comes and the whole pattern repeats itself. It is within the paradox of familiarity that we have to grow love.

Proximity & Curiosity

Why do you have to like another man or woman (because they are not currently filling your immediate space)? It’s simply curiosity playing tricks on you. Now, if you can consciously value your friends and your spouse, always going the extra mile to not take them for granted and do all you will normally do officially for those whom you are curious about (things like taking time to listen, giving gifts, sharing thoughtful experiences, giving verbal appreciation), you will live them with no other option than to reciprocate with the feelings of affection and joy (centred around you) that you’ve been looking for.


Include and Preclude Modality is a way of mastering ourselves in order to maximise the noble opportunities life presents to us. So, to those who say, “oh, it’s your first marriage…well, in a few years you should have joined the rest of us in the “ex” collectors business (people who have a list of former spouses). You can choose to preclude that from your mind as well for if you don’t you already have a self-fulfilling prophecy waiting to materialise. No matter what the order of the day is around you, always choose to focus on the kind of experience you really want. This will determine the kind of friends you keep, the news you listen to, the ideas you permit into your mind etcetera. IPM is about preferences.


Credit: Image is from robinsharma dot com

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