You can’t please everybody…


It takes too long a time for many to understand this.

Life is an interesting arena. You get a lot of fans and foes, all in one single sweep of responsible action. Just as you can be liked in a moment, you can be permanently fractured from some people’s minds and they will not like to have anything to do with you again.

If you understand human nature, you will know that people can change at anytime for any reason. And that, even towards you… Hence, you have to organize your life along the lines of some tested, divine & infallible principles such that when push comes to shove you know what to prefer – doing the right thing and hurting people or ignoring what is right to remain in favour with people?

Destiny requires personal responsibility. If you take a wrong turn in life because Somebody says so, who will bear the consequences? You will of course! We must respect people and love people but when it comes to decisions about our own lives, it lies squarely in our hands. Have you ever succeeded in blaming others for any wrong decision? It never happens. Except that you feel so stupid as you accuse another man or woman for your own actions (even if they assured you that that was the right thing to do).

It’s a simple thing. Counsel comes to us for our perusal, not for immediate use. That’s why you have a mind. I do not like the idea that people tend to think that it’s okay to boycott someone’s mind by forcing some opinions down their throats! It’s really an insult if you ask me. Everybody must have the presence of mind to process whatever is offered to them in suggestion, request, counsel and instructions. Especially when they are no longer children still tied to their parents’ waists like aprons.

If you have ever taken a wrong turn in response to someone’s advice, how did you feel when the same person subtly dissociated from the whole scenario and then came down on you in criticism? While that does not mean we should shut other’s out of our lives and not receive their thoughtful counsels, we must necessarily take ownership of whatever step we take. It is your choice not their fault!

And on a lighter mood…


Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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  1. Welldone Sir for this interesting write-up, the quote by Bill Clinton, sums it all up. Pleasing everyone is pleasing no one, and many fail because they look out for popular opinion rather than doing the right things even though they may be unpopular.


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