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Communicating Effectively

I delivered this presentation (and another) yesterday at the JobMag Centre in Yaba, Lagos. The training was organised by @OLUY_ME Patrick Oluyide, MD of Patsway Consulting.



We first have to deal with the illusion of understanding when we think of communication. That’s taking a leaf from George Bernard Shaw, who said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

The mind of the listener is never idle. Thoughts, concerns and aspirations preoccupy their minds that they can hardly grasp a common 50% of what you are saying especially when it’s a public speaking event. And that’s not to talk of a similar activity running through the mind of the presenter as she/he tries to maintain coherence and relative comprehensibility in delivering the talk.

Yet, as we all know, man has unlimited potential. If he has solved some of the basic problems of life that makes the earth habitable, he should be able to get around this conundrum.

Anyway, in delivering this talk, I followed a simple system. The system of threes. Or the Trinity of trinities.

  1. Speaking
  2. Self-Image
  3. Strategies

Each of these three modules are further divided into three.

Well, here is a hint of what I discussed with participants:

Content and Creativity are crucial. It has to be clear that your information is valid, dependable, believable and significant to the lives of participants. Either you are telling them what they already know (because we all know many things we have never applied) or what they don’t know at all, it must also be inspiring, thought-provoking and almost melodramatic.


…the way the talk is ¬†delivered is crucial. You might have great content but without adequate expressiveness it becomes drab. Remember that you are dealing with people who usually associate boredom with public speeches or group meetings etc. You have to appeal to the mind in such a way that it will be willing to discontinue (if possible) the agitations pressing back and forth in the background of the mind.

Hence, we have to be catchy! Is that not why PowerPoint slides are used nowadays for any presentation? Although, in the hands of a boring speaker, the slides will still not make up… There has to be that interplay of expression between your verbal and non-verbal (communication) modality. That synchronicity between your body language and your speaking (accent, pronunciation, audibility etc) is really crucial to stimulate the sustained interest of your listeners.

Phew! I should stop here before I give the whole thing. Anyway, I enjoyed myself and the participants confirmed their satisfaction.

Here are other pictures below:






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