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FOCUS on what you have

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I had typed a fairly good script and I just lost it. So, I think I will just summarise my thoughts again…

The reason why you don’t value what you have is you think others have something you don’t have and they’re having a great deal of fun, leaving you out of it.

That makes you miserable and impatient! But think about this: people who have what you don’t have are also longing to have something you might already have. Can you believe that? And they feel that life is miserable without having what you have (even though they have what you don’t have). The only thing that these two groups of people are conspicuously leaving out of their lives is gratitude.

No matter where you are and what you have, gratitude is the emotional momentum you need to even get started in a fresh drive for breakthrough achievement. While it is important to not settle with mediocrity, the very first step towards expansion and greatness is gratitude. If you are not grateful for what you have now, what makes you think you will be grateful for things that are yet to come.

In summary, what you choose to FOCUS on will determine if you will move forward or not. Focus on what you have and you will even achieve more. Focus on what you don’t have and it will look like life has a warrant to avoid people like you and in fact not drop a few grains of possibilities on the field of your frustration. We need to shift our minds from unproductive thinking. Be fixed on the goodness of life, be happy with your brother or sister who has just gotten something you clearly need yourself, be joyful about what will happen in the future…

Just FOCUS on the best and it will get better. And your easiest link to what you don’t have is something of that nature in your possession. If what you anticipate will bring you joy, then you can bring yourself to that moment (and that experience) by been grateful and joyful about something already working in your life. The joy of what you have will deliver the object of joy of what you want.

Think on these things…

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