Life Mastery



Now, things can’t get simpler than your operational understanding.
There are laws in this universe and they are clear and concise. Yet, ignorance can exclude you from the benefits accruing from certain principles (unfortunately, they may be so simple and obvious as day) that it will look as if life has something against you.

Your mind holds within it the principles governing the experience available to you. It is not just the principles of life or the truth that determines your personal reality, it is the version open to your awareness which depicts what is believable that determines not only your reality, but if not interrupted, your destiny as well.

The mind is so naive that whatever it focuses on, it will manifest even when conditions are reportedly unpalatable. Conditions don’t really matter; it is always what you choose to believe. Belief determines behaviour. Behaviour determines results. Results determines experience. Experience determines reputation. Now, reputation can be misleading. It makes you think that someone is better than you or has a Midas touch to life or things and you beat yourself up as insignificant. Meanwhile the only difference is what the other
person has been focusing on.

There is nothing more about reputation than the fact that someone has focused well enough on an idea or series of ideas and it has altered their mindset to the point that they can’t but manifest the physical properties of such idea(s). It’s a simple process. If you do the same thing, you will get the same result. Be careful not to worship any man. We should respect and honour people but only God deserves our worship. Any great thing a person has done is really nothing. It’s not a big deal; it’s just a manifestation of what they have been thinking, doing, thinking, doing, thinking, doing…in short, what they have been FOCUSING on.

Whenever you consistently produce superior results in family life, friendship, business and career, health etcetera, just know that it doesn’t make you better than others…you have simply chosen a higher focus and you are turning out higher results. So what! Others? They are also focused, yes, focused on what it takes to keep dreaming (perhaps!) and not become. How sad!

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