What meaning are you giving to life?

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The meaning you give to an event, a situation, an experience drives your life more than the event, situation or experience itself.

Life is what it is. We can’t change what it is. Whenever we change anything about life, it is actually the meaning – what it means to us – that we change. And then that meaning determines our course of action subsequently.

What then determines the meaning you give to everything? Environment. Background. Culture. Upbringing. Education. Paradigm. Etcetera. These are the shades of our experience. That is, how we perceive and experience life flows directly from anyone of these perspectives.

But before there was ever any human perceptive or any frame of collective understanding, what was it that guided man in meaning making? That will definitely take us back to spirituality. That takes us back to the beginning. Of course, it takes us back to God. So, if you were wondering how you can ever be unbiased or how can I transcend the limitations of collective knowledge, then it has to be that you personally come to know God. Simply, just as it has been said that man ought to know himself; moreover, what is more important is that he ought to know his God. For, whatever his god is will determine his definition of himself. His god will be his reference point for everything.

The biggest point of reference in your life represents your god. “God” is not man’s idea while “god” is man’s idea. Did you get that? The difference between both determines the strength of your ‘meaning’ and of course, your life and eventually your eternal destiny.

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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