What will it take to become great?



It will take you nothing!

Before you wonder what kind of response this is, think and think deeply…

What did it take you to be born? What did you have to do to ensure you arrived safely on this planet? Exactly, what was your plan of action before opening your eyes to see the large faces of mortals grinning at your arrival? What did you do to select your parentage, culture/country of birth and colour?

We can’t be talking of greatness if you were not here at all…on this planet. If what makes it possible for you to be here has no direct input from you, then what it takes to make it worthwhile should not be seen as anything demanding. It’s effectively nothing.

To know where you are going in life…how is that something?

To have a clear picture of each stage of your achievement before it happens…

To dedicate yourself to growing all your potential…

To withstand the gravity of mediocrity…

To think thoughts that build you up, not break you down…

To always act with certainty of what result you will get in life…

How is this something? In fact, what did you really do to ensure you woke up this morning? Apart from not violating life’s principles and not putting oneself in harms’ way, what will make it impossible to wake up tomorrow morning? If it’s not another factor outside of mortal control, it is automatic to awake into a new day after some hours of sleep.

Now that you are wide awake (or are you still drowsy?), is it too much to make your life count? Yes, I agree with the whole idea of paying the price but will you give me a break? How much of a struggle is it to put food in your mouth? Perhaps nothing! What then is the effort you have to apply to be what your creator planned for you to be? Honestly, there’s nothing there.

Yes, it is something and we have read much about how greatly-something it can be when you transcend adversity, acquire success, experience achievement and all that. But trust me, it is still nothing!

It will be something, when what you need to make a difference does not exist on the planet… when the people you need to meet, the problem you need to solve, the ability you need to engage, the opportunities you need to convert, the commitments you need to undertake, the friendships you need to keep or kill…are all the make up of your peculiar circumstance!

You don’t have to create your own solar system to function. Neither do you have to manufacture your own special oxygen. All these heavy weight stuffs are already available for us without cost, although they are almost unnoticed because of how functional and cheap they are. Every now and then when you see someone struggling to remain alive in an emergency ward, buying oxygen and all that, we suddenly realize how expensive it takes to maintain just one person. And yet there are now 7 billion people alive! You are already alive and it is expensive to keep you here, why not make it count?

It’s great to see you celebrated when you take action and you win big time…but you have not grown taller than the other fellow who is struggling even if you have grown fatter. You still have one head, two hands, two legs, one brain… Is there any difference? Nothing, except that you chose to use your endowment, took your chances, met people, developed your self… Everybody wins, nobody lose. It’s win-win. There is no cheating. Everybody has got the result of their choice or refusal to choose, which is still a choice. So, what is the big deal?

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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