Mind Over Matter

Today, my thoughts kept on revolving around the issues of life,  opportunities, circumstances and experience. And I found myself asking a simple question: why!

Why do we have so much inside and yet think someone else is better?
Why do we have answers all around and we are still looking for them elsewhere?
Why do we not see the opportunities around us…?
Why do we get overwhelmed by circumstances when what it takes to control them is right between our ears?


While these questions beg for answers, it would seem as though we better retain them in the class of rhetorics. However, rhetorics does not help us even if it seems as though it helps our philosophers and those who love the mere sound of knowledge.

Thought…quality of thought…type of thought…frequency of thought…and what? Thoughts are the building blocks of circumstances.  Once you know your preferred circumstance, think the thoughts related to it. Hold it, increase its frequency, don’t give in…

I have a serious concern on this matter. Thinking that man has power over his own circumstances and he still willingly choose to remain a slave of the same…basically surrendering his power to things with a lesser vibration than him.

Man has the mandate of dominion, not over fellow humans but over life itself and circumstances. So, whatever version of life you have, it’s up to you! It’s your choice. When we talk about people being champions, the question is champion of what?

The real battle we have to fight daily is battle for supremacy,  supremacy over your own thoughts…in whatever way they manifest. If they manifest as lack, worry, stress, low self-esteem, unbelief in personal potential then you must marshall your inner strength to challenge these saboteurs and establish your preferred experience.


The point is, your experience will always begin with your thoughts. For some, they don’t do this consciously yet they simply command superior results in life, unconsciously though. But for those of us who do not yet function at that level, we must consciously refuse unpleasantness until it becomes our unconscious reaction or even default setting.

Then we will enter into a new province of experience where we have mastered ourselves and we never surrender again (even though we may falter at times) to the challenges peculiar to our own experience.

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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