There is beauty in diversity!


Life would be so stale if all was one and one was all.

…if I could not see any difference between me and others, if we look so much alike and behave similarly (that would be so strange!?), then it feels as though anybody cancels everybody and nobody is somebody.

Interestingly, that’s exactly what some of us are craving for. You want to be like somebody and that ‘somebody’ is also wondering when he will be somebody. While we struggle emotionally and psychologically for this, we are missing what is truly important after all: Life is only beautiful in the context of diversity.


When you move in the direction of your potential and I do the same, under the auspices of God’s universal purpose, we each contribute the necessary strand of uniqueness that forms this beautiful collage of glory. Each must bring his own as he finds the necessary opportunity (for expression) requesting a serving of his gift and grace to others.

This is such a beautiful experience. Our experience of life is made enjoyable as we receive the ‘serving’ of potential in others…and then it gets to your turn to serve the rest with your best; and when that time comes, you mustn’t recoil in shyness pleading for a better time in the future when you might have become that other ‘somebody’!

It’s always amusing that while nobody may be insisting on a grander version of you…you tend to feel that’s the case. It is for you I have prepared this golden thought: JUST LIKE MICHELANGELO WILL NOT MISS THE LITTLEST OMISSION IN A WORK OF ART, YOUR MISSING CONTRIBUTION IN LIFE WILL DENY ALL OF US THE GRAND BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY.

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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