Goal-seeking: keep moving forward


Goal-seeking is a built-in mechanism in man; if there’s nothing to strive for, expect, anticipate and achieve, life suddenly loses it’s appeal. You must have a goal that keeps you excited about your life and what you are making happen for others.

Every goal is a means of growth. Tony Robbins says there are two deepest needs in man: growth & contribution. These two things must matter to you more than anything. GROWTH What am I becoming? CONTRIBUTION What am I giving?

If you put your hand on the plough of growth, don’t look back or else you’ll be unfit for tomorrow’s opportunity. Keep growing inwardly so that you can contribute outwardly.

Contribution or service is a function of your growth. As you grow, you are expanding your capacity for contribution. And as you contribute, you are opening up a new page of potential growth for yourself – leading you to a higher version of yourself.

This is how you become a pilgrim in life. As long as you are here, you’ve not arrived for there is always another rung to climb on the ladder of greatness. The more your potential converts to power, the more problems convert to your opportunity for contribution. Keep moving forward!

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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