When you get to that moment of frustration
When it seems as though time is racing beyond your effort
And your chances seem to diminish in life
You might want to pause and ponder

Ponder on the goings of your feet
Wonder at the inscrutability of your season
Put your ears to the chest of the Ancient of days
Press slightly and hear the echoes of grace

Arise and brace yourself
Look straight at your storm and lift your hands
This storm may be a disturbance but it is only meant to be when we are not aware
It holds something better still

Just like the eagle glides with the aid of its own storm
So are you built to soar, glide and transcend your present storm
Don’t hold tightly to your present location in life
For this storm is meant to carry you to new heights

That means this present disturbance is just an upheaval
That shakes you out of familiarity into uncertainty
But the uncertainty is merely a doorway
And it opens you to a new season of greatness

“Uncertainty is good for you; it is proof that you have outlived your current state, condition, position. It creates unsettling feelings within to nag you out of your love affair with today’s commonness into tomorrow’s uncommonnesss, which shows that you are growing. Selah! Pause and Think.”

Written by Olamide OPEYEMI
Twitter: @olamidespeaks

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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