Managing your emotions in the workplace: Is it that life is so tough?


Merely looking at the face of a cashier resuming her duties behind the counter, you can tell that a whole lot is going on under the skin of this often-exhorted-to-smile-and-help staff. This is the fascade most people have to put up with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…and uhhh, would it be a lifetime?

[Alright! I know that picture up there is an exaggeration right? Let that come across as comical even if it’s not intended to be.]

Humans…very sophisticated yet very soft. The slightest disturbance can create an immediate tension that tends to postpone business pleasantries. And that notwithstanding, the customer does not care to play gently. She’s there scolding the cashier for her lesser-than-intelligent handling of her request.


The cashier’s conflict is two-fold. Do I respond to this customer as I would normally react when I’m emotionally unstable which will give her what she deserves or do I still maintain my professional outlook which will make her think she’s better than me?

[Well, maybe some pun intended! But, is it not true?]

All that is processed in split seconds and you will more often than not find this tiredly cordial response coming from the cashier. It’s like…”…you know I can’t deal with you here so let me do as if I’m not affected by your unreasonable demands.”


Okay enough of picking on that dear lady I saw today. I may have something to say that might help her in that situation. But unfortunately, to begin to use my prescription, she might have to wait till close of business.


Emotions will normally spiral out ot control when the owner has no system of guiding it in private.” Think about that for a moment!


[Those dots…what are they? That’s for your thinking time.]

Okay. Privacy is your biggest opportunity for self-mastery and creativity. Decisions you make in that place defines your perspective in the heat of the day’s business when it looks like there’s no time to think.

A lot is usually happening around you everyday especially at work and what you build into your mind in the quietness of your privacy is your readily available saviour in such a flurry of instantaneous crises.

Hence, don’t allow events to make you. Decide upfront how you will like to be shaped by them in your contemplative capacity. Establish your preference before the facts arrive. Emotionalize your preferred state of mind as a routine until your whole being is encoded by it…to the point that nothing shakes you in the unfolding events of the day.


And even if you come across something particularly tough, you can have the benefit of recoiling into your inner-self (where you can maximize the finitely little margin between stimulus and reaction) while you await the wisdom requisite for your newfound challenge.

The beautiful thing is… those particularly difficult moments are your recommendations for promotion into a new phase in life OR otherwise. How you handle that event will determine your fate. Hint: if you have been handling daily crises in good strides, you would have built enough internal leverage to crack the code of this transitional moment. Selah!


Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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