Adversity is designed to make leaders


Leaders are born out of personal crises. Crisis is a life saver; it forces out the hidden potential in a person. It makes the person a rallying point, an anchor for those who are about to break down in the ongoing whirlwind of life and a model of possibilities that are still mere dreams in the hearts of others.

Crises have helped to reveal the geometric possibilities available in the collective strength of an emerging community of buddies. It therefore holds more promises than worries.

When crisis becomes extended, filling out a season of life or even occupying one or more seasons back-to-back, we therefore look for a broader term that offers a more universal application. That term is adversity.

Adversity is the necessary university for leadership. Adversity must not be confused with poverty. Lack of money and wealth are basically configurations of the mind that most have resolved to stick to especially the former. Anyways. The point here is adversity is an extended crisis that tests the character of an individual and offers him an opportunity to release his potential.

It is within those moments of adversity that you gain the perspective necessary for the manifestation of your potential. Biblical Joseph underwent crisis upon crisis and they were all meant to school his internal life in preparation for his destiny.

The height he attained later in life as Egypt’s PM preserving and sustaining the whole known world then from famine was a direct function of the depth of his “suffering” in adversity.


Life is quite fair in this. We all get our due share of crises regardless of our positions and status in life. Your life cannot really take off without undergoing your own adversity – crises that forces out a series of decisions from you that will either recommend you for greatness or otherwise.

– Olamide OPEYEMI

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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