The Power of Contribution

Meaning is the way we make sense of life and activities. A sense of meaning is definitely the main precursor to inward substance and outward significance. I’m talking about a sense of calm and peace internally and a mastery over time and space that converts to serving others, which is your contribution to their ‘career’ or their experience of life.

Living Templates



What is life when it’s all about getting and never giving?
What is wealth that is not shared?
What is happiness that does not mobilize the masses upon a worthy ideal?

Life is unbearable without an opportunity to contribute. You may have things and privileges but without an outlet for sharing your very soul with humanity in a worthwhile service, it’s all vanity.

Life is about balance or call it equilibrium. Between the extremes of birth and death is the space for life and that life must be substantiated in serving others. Please understand that without the great privilege of service, life has no way of equilibrating itself in between the two great polarities-birth and death.

Put your thoughts to work. Think about how you can serve others. The space of service is the only safe place for life to habituate in harmony and expansion. Here is where we…

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