Life Mastery

The Majestic Life


Two things strike me about the eagle.

One, sharp vision.
That’s expensive!

The capacity of the eagle to see with its penetrating eyes makes it combine the “now” and “future” into a singular experience. To me, it doesn’t look as if today is different from tomorrow to an eagle especially when the beneficiary of these time changes is approximately the same . The point here though is, in order to be majestic, you have to ACT by chunking your future and present into one singular experience which you can modify as you please.

You are majestic when you ACT as if you have today and tomorrow in both hands. The precision of your choices is so impressive that you are hurriedly chauffeured into the hall of fame, which is just another way of admitting that the rest are just standing at the spectator’s gallery with respectable cluelessness.

The second thing about the eagle is its strong claws. How complementary! Sharp vision… Strong claws. That’s an unbeatable strategy!

So, while we could romanticize the beautiful expression of vision in the eagle as much as we want, the ability of the eagle to mark its prey, swoop down on it and mount up with it to devour is undisputed.

That’s what you call…Majestic! See what is ahead, make instant decisions based on what is seen here and there, arise to mark a “prey” in the present that moves you toward your worthy ideal and then clutch down the “prey” as you move forward in your match to greatness.

All of these are done with utmost majesty. Napoleon Hill says an educated person is someone who knows how to get what he wants without violating the rights of others, not necessarily those with a long line degrees after their names. Your “prey” is what you want today that takes you forward in your journey towards your preferred future.

Will you arise with the majesty of an eagle and clutch down your “prey” or you will just eye it enviously and powerlessly as you wonder why things are not fair in this world?


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