Anyone with common sense will not want to re-do anything that can be done once.The balance of time and responsibility often makes it an inconvenient last resort to detain our resourcefulness to one task that never seems to get done in spite of our best first-go at it.

I am typically not excited about a task or duty that stubbornly refuses the “reasonable” bandwidth of time allotted, calling for unnecessary attention, despite other myriad goals and activities that are justly vying for my time.

But if you really think about it, such periodic setbacks have a way of signalling good fortunes on the horizon of life. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it’s an opportunity to begin again more intelligently, this time having the benefit of raw experience, however painful and time devouring!

This happens to me as a writer. Sometimes, I might lose an entire piece of work to a minor mobile glitch and “poof” all that work is gone. And I’m like, for what?

But you know, every single time, if I will just begin again, it’s as though I already have the missing script somewhere in my mind and now, I do have the luxury of “mentally-rephrasing” entire sentences, not to talk of gaining an expanded repertoire of synonyms per word in the process. The second document is always many times better than the first, missing, one.

The same applies to life.

As painful as it might be, when you experience a setback, you really do have an opportunity to create a masterpiece. Did you lose your job? Then that’s an immense opportunity to go and get a job that will really satisfy you.

Most people won’t willingly leave a job and go after their dream job until they are forcefully awaken to the grim realities of economic downturn, corporate downsizing and whatever.

The same applies to anything you’ve had to lose.

A friend?

A love relationship?

A deserved promotion?

A contract?

(___________) You can insert anything you’ve had to lose here.

There are only two options for anybody in these situations:

1. Breakdown and believe that all is lost…you know, life is not fair, people are mean, blah blah blah. It doesn’t take much genius to arrive here…


2. Feel the pain, right!…and then use it as an energy to propel yourself forward. This takes real genius and I have no reason to think that you are in lack of it.

Truth is, the next best thing will not drop on your laps just like that. You will encounter it as you pick yourself up and move on. What is ahead of you is always better than what you have already lost…

I for one do not necessarily want a setback in my life but if it does occur, then I am prepared to receive something better than was lost. For me, I know it can only be better.

For you, you decide…

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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