Life Mastery

There is no lack in the universe!

Think about that!

There is no lack in the universe. Repeat it to yourself seven times.

There is no lack in the universe x 7

Lack is a mental creation that defies the wholeness of the universe. This defiance is made possible by the freedom of man to apply his mind to any objective of his choice and become subjected to it in his emotions. Even though by law, you can only blossom in abundance, your preferred concept displaces the law and enforces itself as the ruling edict of your life.

External conditions are reflections of the mind. Difficulties, struggles and unbalanced pain are the manifestations of a mind in wilderness. The universe always grants exemptions to the will of the mind that is in defiance to law or wisdom thereby allowing the mind to be a law unto itself, even if the law is a manifestation of foolishness.

You can NOT be in lack. If you are, it means you are violating the unity of the universe and the human mind. The chaos resulting from that violation is what is manifesting as lack. This (the fact that you cannot be in lack) has to be the First Cause or First principle in your mind for you to seek opportunities that will leverage your abilities and then develop them in the process as you get rewarded for your contribution of value to life as we know it.

Everything begins with thought.

Believe you can’t be in lack and so be it. It’s not something you have to force yourself to believe. It is a fact to calmly accept…let it settle into your spirit as you relax and wonder at the marvels of the universe as well as the goodness of God, at the same time ignoring the sharp resistance of your “old self” reminding you of your past or present results that may be nowhere near this ideal.




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