Small and big are two sides of life,

Two possibilities of thinking,

Two creations of man,

Two paradigms?

We have to say ‘think big’ because of the tendency of man, beaten by unpalatable circumstances, to shrink and minimize himself and lose any sense of aspirations. Life has dealt with him…or life is dealing with him and his response (which is his choice) is “this thing is bigger than me.” “I better just settle for what I have already.”


Be grateful for what you have but never settle for what you have! To lose the will to aspire and extend yourself to a preferred outcome is the death that has killed many before they get physically buried.

And some people think of ‘small’ because of the tendency of man, favoured by many colourful outcomes, to swell and exaggerate himself until he alienates himself from the auspices of grace and meets an unforeseen downfall. But the solution is not to think small in that state of arrogance; although thinking small is immediately palliative, at least it restores the individual to some measure of sanity.

Whether you minimize yourself because of what you have experienced in life so far or you exaggerate yourself because of the fortune you have been exposed to, your solution is to become centred. Allow the human spirit in you to have the freedom of a preferred definition regardless of your state, whether positive or negative.

In adversity, don’t lose your dignity; if you don’t wear indignity on your face, it will not be rubbed on you by other mortals. In affluence, don’t lose your dignity as well. For it is indignity to become puffed up…at that point you have lost the essence of wealth, which is an instrument of service that also reduces your physical discomforts to the barest minimum.

So, I can’t even say to play big for that is a weak opposite of small and it can put a permanent limitation on your potential. Rather, I will say play yourself. Just be yourself. Don’t inflate…don’t deflate. Just do what you love, love what you do, respect all people, serve humanity, worship God and what more?

Your growth can be the answer to another person’s questions.

When you humble yourself (it does not mean self-deprecation), you are centred. You are not afraid of success and you are not in terror of failure. At that level, you are unstoppable! You meet with the world with the indomitable force of your personality, expecting that all the challenges of life capitulate to you and not you to them (and it eventually will), all the while recognising the dignity in all your fellow humans, wherever you meet them, regardless of their current struggles.

You never know how your humility (which is centred dignity) will rouse the dying flames of the human spirit in those who are losing the will to live and bring forth their power to bear in contribution to society.



Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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