It is part of life to make decisions.
That simply implies acceptance and/or rejection of certain things, facts, elements, actions, reactions etcetera.

This we do everyday…this we have to do everyday…until we either arrive in destiny or become totally lost, away from the possibilities of purpose.

The opportunities available to us tomorrow are really contingent on our decisions today.

Every true decision must be followed with action. If you decide to be great, you will be, as long as you follow the ramifications (or requirements) of your decision.

Follow through…don’t drop out! From decision to destiny, it’s not a bed of roses. It takes a lot of action and diligence to show commitment to your chosen path. It takes a compelling vision and passion to push through all the bumps on the road to actualization.

If a dream means anything to you, you will follow through. You will not accept the connivance of unfavourable circumstances against your dream.

Remember, your dream represents a decision; a decison to pursue an ideal against all current odds, to ensure that what has been formed in your spirit becomes a fact in your experience.

Decide today what will form the object of your pursuit for the rest of your life. Of which its actualization is a showcase of your great destiny.


Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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