You can’t give up now!

See where you’ve been. You are here because of all the toils and passions of days gone by (your own and others) plus the mercy of an Almighty Creator that undersigns your endeavors, giving them space for expression, impact and reward.

What you are today is a result of a partnership. Heaven and earth is in agreement over you. God’s part is constant…you do your part…and then the commensurate results will unfold. It may take time, it may take an action or two (to accept or reject certain things); it certainly answers. Seed time and Harvest time does not seize. Why trying to pull out a seed simply because you can’t wait for it to produce the tree that will produce the fruits you will eat?

Plant kid

You are in a process. Take your time. In fact, enjoy it!

Don’t break down now. While you are waiting for the unfolding of many things in process in your life, enjoy the things you have already received. Yes, I know the initial excitement usually wears off and you get used to it and it becomes one of those things. But, do you have to lose any of those things before you can appreciate the value of what you have? Everything in life is special but when they become ours, they seem to become ordinary. It doesn’t have to be so.

It is a sign of growth for you to know how to concentrate on what looks ordinary today, because time has run its course on it, and see the extra-ordinariness in it. If you are not able to do that now with the blessings within your space today (that you are tired of), how do you expect to unlock the joy that is within the initial happiness when it wears out?

…especially now that there is something new on the horizon for you!

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Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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