Life is after all a school.
…an institute may be.

There are classes and tutors;
Class mates & seniors.
That explains why you can’t run your show by the rules of a class different from yours!

All the rules, guidelines and entire curriculum are determined by the learning objectives of each class.

But regardless of what class you are in today, everyone in this great school must register for one of the core courses.

There are courses like Happiness, Family, Love, Calling in the School of Life. But the one that seems to determine your progress with the remaining courses is Suffering.

As undesirable as it is, everybody has either been through it or will go through it. Indeed, some may be going through it now. Suffering is a difficult thing. It subjects you to, kind of, a lockdown. Like the Lord Christ, all resources of life is temporarily withdrawn from you except volition!

Yes your choice! The decision to compromise your values in a moment of suffering or to uphold it is a fierce contest you are in, in that time space.

Whatever you do, is what you are rewarded for after the entire ordeal is expired. For some, the reward is enjoyable; for others…they just have to live with it!

You know what I mean?

Taking that course and going through that season of suffering is what ushers you in to change. The Old wineskin is removed in preparation for the new wine. The process of separating what must end now in your life in order to gain capacity for what is to come is suffering.

Hence, suffering is not an enemy; it is your ally. When it comes, it is in your own best interest. You are subjected to all kinds of pain and discomfort, just to ascertain your inner worth and expose your true motives and nature.

It is a time when humility is easily embraced. Or what else would you do when you’re introduced to your real self – the self you’ve never known! Regardless of your inner discomfort with all the drama, accepting these “new” ramifications of yourself and submitting to principles challenging them is what makes you come out of the furnace of suffering refined as gold.

“Old things have passed away; all things have become new.”


Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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