​  1. Sense of acceptance/belonging.                   2. Sense of achievement.                                   3. Sense of contribution.                                   4. Sense of meaning

These are the four senses and we will be looking at the sense of acceptance.

These are the senses you have within your soul representing the highest values of your spirit. Your spirit is the real you and it is designed to have contact (relationship) with God, as well as receive (and release) God’s thoughts and desires as communicated to it. It is a provindential trust that is committed to him and if he keeps the “heaven” over him opened, he will continue to traffic with deep things (thoughts/ideas) downloaded into his spirit from above for beneficial purposes.

Acceptance is seen in how we receive newborns

Even the way you arrived into the world is a giveaway. Most people alive today were welcomed into the waiting arms and excitement of a family. In order words, you were accepted into a family. That was the first communication/expression of love you came to know…the giving of acceptance. Although, you could not verbalize your experience then, it was wonderful all the same.

And even today, when you have outgrown such ‘childish’ things, you still secretly harbour the desire for acceptance. While that desire may be expressed by violating the rights of others, it remains a pure desire that is only being abused. It is, therefore, incumbent on you to find the highest function for this legitimate desire. 

Accepted in the beloved

“…wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Ephesians 1:6

You want to be accepted by something higher than your self. There is a longing for an acceptance that words do a poor job of expressing. People have tried dozens of things, in the entire spectrum of pleasurable activities, that has made them feel “high”, even legitimate pleasures, only to feel deflated in a short moment. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Why good experiences do fail to satisfy this inner want and ‘wandering’ for acceptance?

You are really longing to be accepted into the mystery of the entire universe. You are anticipating a joy, a perfection, a wonder, a rest that has no match/alternative in mundane privileges. You are actually crying to be admitted into a family that is served by angels and are stewards and statesmen (and women) of the Most High. 

You are simply longing for something that has already been done for you. You only need to accept it. Here comes the simple truth: To enter into this highly spiritual experience of acceptance, you need to accept Him who has made you accepted into the heavenly company.

What has this got to do with leadership?

Remember, leadership is service; extending the contents of your being and the benefit of what you are becoming to the rest of mankind. The mass of humanity out there are looking for acceptance. They are awaiting genuine leadership. They want someone who has been accepted… to reach out to them and lead them to acceptance.

Many men who do not know their fathers up till now, ladies and moms who never knew the joy of a caring parent themselves, executives who continue to wonder why they still suck, despite their amazing outward successes and young people who reserve their wonder for a hero, who is a millennial (or younger), are all looking for something larger than them to absorb (accommodate) them.

They want to be a part of something. These are a mass waiting to be led to the solution they so desire. What if you have this solution as your own ‘current’ experience? “…Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?” Matthew 11:3. It is the question John, the baptist, asked Jesus when he so much needed his help (a variation of acceptance). It is the same question the entire world is asking you.

Do you have an answer to this? If your answer is, yes, then welcome to leadership. Now, you have a lifetime of helping people enter into the acceptance that has been offered them through the specificity of your life and the uniqueness of its story and gifting. It is the matter of this uniqueness of calling and assignment that is substantiated in the second sense, the sense of achievement. And it is what we will look into next!


The sense of achievement will be published on or before next week.

I will really like to hear from you. Please let me know how this has helped you. Blessings!

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