Leadership must give everyone accenting to it and signatory to it, a portion of stewardship, a sense of participation, and a space for relevance, to gradually move them from talent to expertise, from crudeness to refined, and from potential to purpose. Whatever puts you on the direction of your life’s assignment, by the incremental rearrangement of your inner priorities and incremental enlargement of your outer capacities, is a form of leadership.

The Offer of Leadership

Leadership is not about helping someone else to achieve their dreams, even though that happens by the way; it is about inspiring you, first of all, to live above the times, to defy the norms and to have the hope of a GOOD afterlife. That means, true leadership does not ask you to give up your dream for another man’s; it actually seeks to help you to find your course in life, in order to make your mark in your generation.

Leadership offers to make you, and when you see that it really has your best interest at heart, you then feel obligated, and rightfully so, to offer your own bit of contribution to make the dream that is serving your dream to come true. This is the beauty of leadership! Leadership may look like superiority and seniority, and yes, it is high and great such that we all look up to it, yet in its “truest” form, it ties a towel around its waist and it stoops to serve all who submits to it. When it bends to serve you, you are enraptured, amazed, that you become committed to its global operations and mobilized to fulfill its noble enterprise. 

The Paradox of Leadership

And here lies the paradox! The moment will  come, even though it has been gradually building up for a while, when you suddenly discover that your original mission in life, the very reason why you were born is equal to the portion of stewardship and space of relevance that this particular out-of-the-world leadership is offering you.

Until you drop your own desires, in response to the goodness of this rare leadership, you will never know the sweetness of finding out, that the things it demands of you, is the very things you were born to be. So, there is no loss, as it were! 

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matthew 16:25

What kind of thing is this?

Many people in history have exemplified a part or a little glimpse of this leadership, but Jesus the Christ is the only One that fully expresses it. If this looks like a heavy statement to make, there is a sure way for you to prove the statement, if you will find out all who came to experience this leadership. How did they come to know it? Where they forced to subscribe to it? Where they compelled to submit to it?

If you will genuinely ask these questions, you will see that this Master-Leader never compelled anyone to follow Him, even though He always gave an invitation. Instead, He allowed all who eventually followed to develop their own convictions, count the cost of such a life altering decision, and always left the door open for anyone who may feel at any point that, “this is not the kind of life I bargained for”. 

The Unparalleled Master-Leader

There is simply no Leader like this Master! He who knew the thoughts of men and will often answer their questions as they privately pondered about them in their hearts, will never pressurize anyone with that kind of “anointing”, never using it as a bait to lure men to follow Him. He left all to their senses, to put His offer through the paradigm of their hopes and aspirations, such that no one ever makes this decision to follow Him in a semiconscious, hypnotic state. 

Indeed we do have men who are parading themselves as His representatives today, who totally ignore the example of this Master-Leader, and by that expose themselves as none of His. Jesus knows that He will not hide the truth from any man; He knows that He will demand for your life, that’s why He will never force you to make that decision. He ensures that you are in your right mind and encourages you to count the cost, before commencing the building of a New Life with Him (Luke 14:28-29).

Yet, the truth is, there is a loveliness about this Master, that totally disarms a person, when they meet Him. Jesus will always first serve you, and even that does not mean He must get something back! It is always free of charge. But, there are some few people, who will find it difficult to move on, who will not be able to ignore the love that has been rarely displayed, and will simply take the challenge to accept the condition for a new way of life. 

Leadership that helps you find your life

Just when it looks like these “foolish” people have lost their lives, they will find it. They will find that all they were meant to be is found in Him. Those who kept their lives will surprisingly lose it. They will lose it, because it will not hit the target that it was meant for. They will do many good things but it cannot buy them a space in the Kingdom to come.

Every man has within him a void that longs to be filled with the assurance of eternity, a certainty of what will happen after this life and how they are to position themselves for it. When you invest your money into a mutual fund, private equity or any viable financial investment, you are losing your money temporarily, in order to find it later in a preferred state (form), which is increase. Likewise, when you lose your life in Christ, it is a loss that is replaced with the type of life that is suited for eternity, yet powerfully relevant in the here and now.

Image credit: holybibleprophecy.org, freebibleimages.org

Published by Olamide OPEYEMI

Personal Mastery Advisor. Consultant. Speaker.

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