And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. Colossians 1:17 KJV

NOTE: To avoid any misconception, the pronouns “He” and “Him” in this discourse speaks of only ONE person and it is the Person of Christ Jesus, the Word made manifest in the flesh. 

It is indeed futile to live without recognizing certain eternal realities. In fact, it is unforgivable to exist without apprehending the Ultimate Factor in the entire universe.

Why do I have to use such strong words as “unforgivable” and “futile”? These words are not intended as psychological ideas, they actually summarize the experience awaiting those who ignore the Word.

Nothing, no matter how important it is to you or to the world, is before Him and everything put together only exist by His permission. Since ALL things consists by Him, it is by Him that they can find their meaning and usefulness.

To attempt to live apart from this Governing Factor of life is to set oneself against the life one is attempting to live. That is why such an experiment is laced with vanities and hopelessness in spite of being so “blessed” with the good things of life. 

The good things of life does not answer the questions of your soul therefore, it will never make up for the lack of that Unifying Factor (Christ) in your life. You can be grateful for the good things of life, but even that does not rescue you You can be grateful for the good things of life, but even that does not rescue you from the torment of a soul disconnected from the True Center. There is just one problem. That which holds ALL things together is missing. Once He is set into your life, you will find rest (peace, joy & meaning) for your soul. 

You can call on Him now to fill the void in your life by praying like this.

Thank you LORD for showing me the ONE thing that I lack. I recognize my need and I call upon you Jesus to save me from my sin and rescue me from all its consequences. I repent of my past life and forsake all my sins. Create in me a new heart and restore a right spirit within me. Thank you for this fresh start. AMEN. 

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