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Knowing what is available, seeing what is possible, viewing the endlessly wide expanse of improvement in your imagination, breathing in the oxygen of desire, thinking on what?, why?, where?, when? & how?, leaving behind the old, embracing the new, fulfilling your innermost passion, deriving your worth, extending your faith, downgrading the visible, emphasizing the invisible, getting more committed to the long, arduous journey to destiny, becoming one with God…

Here is a quote from Zig Ziglar that fully captures the essence of awareness:

You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be, you have to plan to win and prepare to win. Then and only then can you expect to win.” 

Just think about it!

Awareness is the starting point for any form of achievement. When what is possible is no longer an idea you are considering in your mind but a consciousness that you can’t seem to break away from. It is in the buoyant display of such unceasing mentality that we can properly set the sail for the dreamland of achievement. Long story short, what we can expect and anticipate is what we have experienced first in our minds. Hence, we want to be sure our minds are liberated and opened up to the vast lands of greatness before attempting to anchor our hope on the specifics of a life-long preoccupation.


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Just a simple, thought-provoking post here.

What is the process of achievement?

1. Awareness
2. Approach
3. Attitude
4. Achievement

Knowledge is the fuel of awareness.
Thoughtfulness is the force of approach.
Repetition is the secret of attitude.
Consistency is the rule of achievement.

The story has been told of the sea traveler who didn’t know that his fare covered feeding throughout the journey. He brought his own food on board and rationed his little supply until he exhausted it. He then goes to ask the sailor,  “what will it cost me to get a meal?” And to his amazement, the sailor said, “your ticket.” Can you imagine the pain that would have ensued within the man’s heart? How could he have suffered unnecessarily?

That is exactly what happens to most of us. The reason why we don’t demand for another version of reality is because we are too used to what we have known and we never thought there ever was any other type of experience available to us. Everything about you today is a function of your awareness. You will never demand for what you are not aware of. Which means even if it were possible to have a better relationship with people, more financial reward, a preferable living condition, and a more purposeful vocation; the fact that it is not known to you makes it impossible for you to expect. And no matter how much you try to aspire to something better, it will always be within your current level of awareness.

Your awareness is your current level of personal development. It is where you are in your personal pilgrimage to destiny…

NOTE: Always increase your awareness before embarking on the activity of dreaming and self improvement.

Will continue my discuss tomorrow. I will take each of the four steps, a day at a time and we will learn some pretty interesting things about Life & achievement. Keep connected!


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Trust no one some people say. The implication of that is quite simple. “Don’t trust me!” Well, I guess the problem is not with the statement, the problem is with the deplorable condition of human nature.

What have you seen? What have you experienced? What cards have been dealt with you? Objectivity becomes impractical. We have been cornered by some life variables. Oh my God! We develop a lifelong spectacle for seeing everything.

People expect us to be sagacious, you know some kind of an elusive figure destitute of empathic particulars or could that be some form of sarcasm meant to pressurize us to a second-hand existence? Yeah, you know that kind of comparison that keeps every other person beneath the invincibleness you publicly depict of yourself while you secretly hate to think about the idea of reaching it.

Allow people to arrive at their own conclusions about you. They always tend to do a better job than you. That long range view of theirs plus some expectations of what you should be doing and how you should behave pretty much makes a lot of sense after all. You are the better for it.

I’d rather be the one taking notes and learning to improve my life further than pontificating away with little or no presence of mind to ensure my own personal compliance. You really have nothing to lose. You can trust people to be themselves even if they can’t trust you to be what they want you to be.



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If you ask me, I will tell you that there are two seasons of reading necessary for everyone. The first season, we read to build conviction; and the second? We read generally for contribution to our knowledge base. Without the former, the latter will lead to uncertainty, misery and relativity.

How can you ever be objective about what you read when you have never had a chance to build your convictions? This is something we do like the first 20 years of life and we usually get to read more of religious materials or whatever is more emphasised in our cultures. Even when you are not planning to build your conviction, the kind of reading you do in the first half of life, which is more adventurous in the first 20 to 30 years, will determine your ideals and convictions. That’s why you must have noticed that you don’t believe everything you read. That’s because in the second half of life, reading is basically subjective to what we have already believed.

This is not bad at all if the convictions are sound and based on truth. With books, authors seek to raise a vibrant successor for their ideas who will champion the new implications of their old thoughts and expand the applications of the same in increasing formats.

In reading, we find ourselves becoming intellectual descendants of certain authors. We rate ourselves by our abilities to write along the same lines as those experimented by the old sages. When we have touched by practical experience the light of truth in our scholarly pilgrimage, we become a better character of enlightenment than all the letterings of a lifetime’s worth of reading. We don’t only become fluent in our oratorical presentation of truth, we ourselves become incarnations of the truth we have been taught and are being taught in our honourable aspirations.

I think this is just the beginning of a long treatise on the discipline of reading. Let’s see how it goes…

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Pastimes have long been dominated by the idea of pleasure seeking, relaxation and actual sleep. We always want to contract back to our routine of rest after a hard day’s job. It is not a bad idea at all; but when all we think about is ‘when that time will come’ when we are at work, we have lost the essence of such a beautiful experience.

What is work? If it is not an outlet for your potential, an activity that engages your spirit, soul and body, a space for the demonstration of talent in favour of a preferable experience, it is noise, disturbance and waste. If work is a delight; pastime is a necessary punctuation to that ecstasy. The ecstatic feeling that builds during fruitful labour usually bends the wrinkle of time until we are fully spent; and the only proper remedial for us will be calm.

The body cringes under a very enterprising soul because of its fascination with possibilities but taking time off of work, a little here, a little there is necessary to avoid a complete breakdown.

No one plans for a breakdown. And even when the breakdown is quite delightful, we will be paying back with currencies we intend for profitable expression. Time. That’s all you got! That all I have. We can’t really overspend it or underspend it. Life balances itself. Wherever we spend too much time, we are saving it for a future payback to some neglected task which might be rest.

And you may ask, “Can a breakdown be delightful?” Definitely! When the beauty of your work is coming out, you know like an artist, that’s when you want to work until you finish, which most times is unreasonable. But I have been there severally. Just when my writeup is taking shape, I seem to receive a high shot of adrenaline and I’m so upbeat about ‘wordsmithing’ that I can stay up hours upon hours, ignoring the pull of sleep, working till I see the end. After which I will sleep with an headache but with every bit of pleasure for that was much more better for me than to loaf around doing nothing and sleeping when the whole world sleeps.

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We need to understand how the human mind works.

It is a very predicable mechanism that we can operate to our own advantage. Yet, if we refuse to settle down to the discipline of mastering our mind, everything will look mysterious and we will always wonder when things will change in our favor. Napoleon Hill suggests with certainty in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that you must know what you want. He says, definiteness of purpose, a burning desire, what I call FORD’s determination as well as persistence is all it takes to get whatever we want.


We must be sure we are not expecting something that we don’t want. Because you will always get what you expect not what you want. How do you know what you are expecting? Check what you think about all the time and check what you spend your time doing. You may say with one side of your cheek, “I want to have a happy family” and at the same time what you really expect is an unhappy one because of what you are doing. We don’t get what we want all because we wished it. No, we get what we spend time doing. So, if we want a happy family, we must do what fathers do (or mothers or children) that promises fulfillment for everyone in the family.

It is not possible for you to spend your time thinking and working towards a better family and you will not get it. But one thing is possible! It will not happen overnight. What you do when you are doing all you ought to do in order to have a happy family and it doesn’t seem to work is what will determine the end result. Do you persevere? You must continue. Keep at it! The proof that you want what is good must be in your persistence, your refusal to back down on your desire, effort and expectation of the good you want.


Press on, don’t give up! You are where you are because of your repeated affirmation of some habits, even if it is not deliberate. Life and Mind didn’t need to know whether you mean it or not; they simply ushered in what you requested by your repeated action. The mind does not differentiate between reality and imagination. It believes whatever you give it. Why don’t you keep on keeping on? Continue to spend time with your family and think/imagine your family in good times. It is a combination that life cannot refuse. If anything is impossible to you, let it be the fact that what you have set your heart to achieve, which is good, cannot be refused.



“It is not possible for you to be denied what you give your thoughts and your time doing.”



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As I watch my son getting ready to walk, I am constantly reminded of the possibilities available in life for those who are resilient and undeterred.

He doesn’t seem to have any worries about anything he wants to do, whether it is standing by the TV and staring into it or trying to pull off the key from the door or moving things to places we have never thought of.

Looking at him is such an amusing experience. I just wonder if I just have half of the courage my little son displays before anything ahead of him, I would be riding the crest of my dreams on full throttle by now. The time it takes for me to cross-examine the ideas I’m considering to implement my dream is too much for my son to carry out any project I have watched him do lately. Whatever his mind pulls him to address, he moves both swiftly and purposefully. You know he is a man on a mission.

Well, my wife and I have to always be on the look out so that we don’t permit a domestic accident like falling off of the chair or pulling down the TV etc. Yet, I always wonder how not to interfere with the courage that I see in him for he will need a lot of it when he clocks my age. And while others are still calculating how it can be done and when it can be tried, he will just go for it and get the job done.

I really like that!


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Are there different types of choice?                                                                                         You chose… yet you didn’t choose.                                                                                       You didn’t choose… yet you have already made a choice.

In response to the question, there has to be two or so types of choice. Or how do we explain this frequent ambivalence that pops up when we are to act or move in a certain direction? Yes, we are sometimes clueless and we just feel that all caution be dismissed and we mumble that killer chorus of a phrase: “what will be will be!” It may have a positive use no doubt but when it emerges in the middle of nowhere where we are not sure of what step to take or what absolute to embrace, leaving all to chance in that case is a bad recipe for desirability.

In fact you are actually feeding something more terrible. Refusal to take a swing into a life built on absolutes is turning ‘relative’ to your absolute and you don’t want to know how that turns out. No matter how little, you have released a yeast that will definitely run up the whole lump of your life, what you believe as well as what you can do.


Granted! We, many times, have to wait to know what to do and/or what side of the divide to be. Yes, wait! Take your time for that is a creative process; mind is loading for a world class performance. You have not released your verdict but work is underway; verdict will soon fall. Then the day breaks on you when you know what to do…what side to stand…what course to spend your life on…what bodily use to encourage by your life…where you want death to meet you!

It wasn’t a bad idea after all that you had to wait. At least you didn’t give up at the relentless plea of the middle line, which would have spurned off on a downward spiral, dismissing everything as relative and which then makes you consider your very life as relative until you do not know what to make of yourself any longer. The fact that you are not someone else fundamentally flaws the idea that everything is relative. No matter how much you resemble your mother, you are not her… the difference will always be clear!

That is what makes the difference in your life too. Make up your mind, exercise your right to choose, don’t leave things to chance, let the difference be clear by where you stand and what you do.


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When we were born we needed not to be taught to depend on others.

In fact, right from the womb, all the papers have been signed between mom and child that it will heavily depend on her. And then there is this entry in to the world with grand style, everybody stands at attention, showering all their affections on the child though temporary, and the child is assured that the agreement still stands.

It doesn’t take a full week before the child begins to notice that there seems to be a breach of agreement. No doubt! She just have to exclaim, “Am I only living for you?…Oh my God…I’ve got other things to do, can’t I just be?” (Yes, there are other things to do and I wonder why this baby won’t understand) Anyways! This child doesn’t seem to back down nor pity his mom (plus dad); in fact he becomes more demanding. He must see to it that such an article of great importance is honored at all cost. Justice must be upheld! Well, the lesson is clear. The child is completely dependent. And there’s nothing anybody can do about it!




Just a few years down the line, the whole scenario is reversed. The child seems to pay back every single dime of complaint, disgust, murmuring and neglect. And you know what? Mom also wants him matter-of-factly to become more dependent on her. Instinct tells the child to learn to do things alone. “I’m no longer a baby, pleaseeee!” Mom still wants him to involve her…. He is wondering why he can’t make his own decisions. They are both disillusioned at this turn of event.

Yet, after teenage years and adolescence have taken it’s toll and marriage beckons; he is greeted into another reality entirely. Now, it is neither dependence nor independence; it is interdependence. We’ve all come a long way! Dependence was necessary to establish us and position us properly according to our identities (in an ideal situation); and independence is required for self-expression in the form of talents and skills as well as the scholarship of experience and education.


In the last and final stage, these two different, almost mutually-exclusive categories are brought together. They must work hand in hand to deliver this young man as a darling, primarily in his personal pursuits of significance as well as in all his relationships. If he will not be frustrated on either of these two fronts, he must move from independence to interdependence; which is been independent while you are dependent still. Does that make sense?



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