“All we are not stares back at what we are.”

W. H. Auden

Anglo-American Poet



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Here is a story excerpted from the book, “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell. The lesson is so clear: “Forward is better”

“Two boys dove into the river one day, challenging one another to swim across, a distance of about two miles. They swam on with a strong and steady stroke and the lead swimmer, not looking back, continued swimming on toward the other shore. When he walked out on the bank of the river and had completed his swim, he looked back to note that his friend was nowhere near.

He looked more carefully and, behold, there he stood back on the other shore from where they had started. When he met his friend he said to him, “How was it that you did not follow me across the stream and reach the other shore?” The boy who turned back said: “Oh, after I got about half way out I looked back and saw how far I had come and I was afraid I couldn’t make it, so I turned back.”

“But,” said the boy who swam across the stream, “why didn’t you think to look forward as I did, for I saw only the shore coming closer and closer to me with each stroke. Why didn’t you think it was just as hard to turn back to safety as it was to continue swimming to your goal.”

My thoughts!

Motion in life is inevitable; there is nothing like stagnation. You are either going forward or backward; and when you think you are stuck and can’t move, you are actually moving. At least all the forces of nature around you do not remain at the same frequency. Which means ‘not moving’ is a material blunder that portends greater psychological torment because what you refuse to do when you had the momentum will become so hard to begin after losing steam…


This is bad enough! How can you then think it is the best thing to quit on your dreams, to physically disembark from the landmark of all your pursuits, to sit by the sidelines and just allow life to happen to you, to disavow your most cherished ideals all because times are hard? Even the snail did not sell his ticket to Noah’s ark because of his painfully slow movement! From where you are now to your dream is an easier adventure compared to making a u-turn and moving back to your past.

Be persistent. If you must do anything, keep moving forward…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Thomas Edison

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”  Napoleon Hill

“Greatness loves the persistent. Failure dislikes the brave.”   Robin Sharma



Even the rat will rather get a helmet than give up…what will you rather do?



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What happens when what you expect seems not to happen? And when what you don’t expect keeps running around you like a broken tap? And you are just so tired of these familiar sights? What do you make of that?

Could it be a riddle?

Easily, it is no longer contested that what you expect, you manifest. How do we then solve this circumstantial conundrum? When the grain defies your logic and the patterns you are used to, when it seems as if our notions are murderously washed away…

That is when we become even more predictable.

We simply raise a caveat! “I don’t care anymore; I am ready for the worse…bring it on!”

Did you really mean that? Just when we handed over the reins of our life to chance due to the repeated battering we have received, we realized that nothing has changed. There were no coups…the laws of the universe have not been replaced…great foundations of history are still intact! Then what was all this about?

It was just a change in season. Time was changing and even our best thinkers cannot control the season by the way they think. Nothing we did could interfere with this inevitable cycle. Now we had better learn the lesson! There is time for everything, a season to every purpose under heaven! There is time to control our reactions to our circumstances in order to receive the result we desire and then there is a time to just simply lose control and let the tears flow as we are hit by all the upheavals that heralds the new day.

When we know not what to do and when it seems logic is no longer reliable, we should seize all the struggles and just allow the times to unfold as it has been summoned. And when the storms are calmed and the daylight is restored to us, we will see that a new thing has been wrought for us and it was only best for us to watch it unfold.   



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All things work together for good.

But when you are still in the mills…anywhere before getting the good, it sure doesn’t feel good…!

Our over-preoccupation with ‘how’ and ‘now’ can be mind-paralysing.

Yet as creatures of intelligence, we are enamoured by details, we don’t want to be left in mystery for too long. We want to know. We want to tout our informed positions in the face of any contingency, you know, it really makes us feel so strong and confident…

Just how will things play out? “I don’t know!”

…this response is not just a reply of fact but could be a forced protest to be left alone…to not make a big deal of what appears to be temporary cluelessness…you know, like it’s unfair to be the spectacle of everyone’s disgust now, not after all we have invested in knowledge…and having witnessed a couple situations or so with others looking helpless and could never see ourselves in their shoes, ‘cos we were (allegedly) too far gone in life to be so disenchanted…you just mumbled a few verses of pity in your mind and you were done with such a simple thing, you flaunted.

Now, what are you? Did it not come round to plague your own patterns as well? You couldn’t believe it? And now? When you see what people struggle with, would you be too quick to dismiss it? Mindlessly? …and rail all kinds of accusations on these sufferers? Why don’t you wait, let it be an x-ray on your soul. Let it alert you of struggles you know not of yet crouching tentatively in your innermost being…only waiting for an opportune time. Your time will come…when you will feel weaker than your immune system earlier portrayed…how will you then cope?

“For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly…”


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Quotation taken from Romans 12:3 of the King James Bible


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Everyday is a day of meaning.

Little things surfacing here are there are enough to either make it clueless or meaningful.

Escaping the ritual of early morning quietness, that calmness that seems to bring you before God, looks like a small oversight yet it is enough to turn the whole day to a dry, tasteless routine. Things may even be better than yesterday but there is no sense of wonder, no otherworldly attraction, the divine touch is wanting, you are gasping…

The Psalmist says to be still and know that I am God…obviously channeling a divine conversation to every race of humanity. When you begin your day with that indispensable pause, plunging into the ocean of the greatness of God, you are lifted beyond human measure and whatever comes your way in the day only takes the shape of the grace in you.

Like the image above, when the little comma takes its place in your sentence, ‘meaning’ changes for you instantly; and instead of you to be a victim, you express the fortitude of a victor.



When I was younger I always wondered when I was going to gain my own experience. Life looked too slow for me and I’m like when will I build my own experiences?

I must tell you why I was asking these questions. It was pretty much because I was concerned about authenticity. I have been reading, learning a lot about life, integrity, the kingdom of God, purpose in life etc. From my readings, I have developed a mind that was wary of message without life, publicity without credibility, and of course the palpable lip service to integrity that seems woven to our culture in my country.

Imagine me! I’m getting pumped up with a desire to speak out for what is good, to help people understand life, to simplify the converging thoughts of philosophy and spirituality as espoused by primordial thinkers interlacing it with an imperative on the meaning of life. Yet, I am aware of the need to have the life that approves my message. All I wanted was to build that life overnight so that my message will not only be appropriate, it will also have a point of reference from my life. While that magic could not be performed, every new day before me was an investment into my life experience.

Most people are morally bankrupt because they are not willing to punch themselves with what they say they believe nonetheless they want to punch every Tom, Dick and Harry with it. We don’t have the right to promote a certain way of life if that is not our own way. Experience is what gives your message an incontestable ring to it. People may not agree with what is preached but they can’t doubt the proof displayed profoundly in the preacher. If words will not convince some; an impeccable example will shift them from their ground of unbelief. They may still argue but they can’t resist a life calling for positive attention. Now, I have experience but it is never enough…I need more and I am getting it every single day.



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“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

     Theodore Roosevelt

    26th U.S. President



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Despair is a sharp curve we all come across at the outskirts of breakthrough. It is a necessary preliminary to change. We don’t know what will happen or even if we do we don’t know exactly how it will. So, we panic!

…it’s such a paralysing emotion that the body only look forward to suspending pursuits and recoiling to a very ordinary existence.

“What will happen” may not be known but can be decided by what we choose to expect and work towards. When we expect good, we operate faith and when we expect not-good, we are under fear.  The common thing between faith and fear is that what you confidently expect or earnestly dread is unseen in both cases.

We despair here and there at certain points in our life’s journey. It comes as part of a reminder that we still live in a world of people who don’t quite operate the ideals we have chosen to embrace. In the midst of such a cross-circulation of negative energies like economic downturn, bankruptcy, social mishaps, and even the hustle and bustle of daily living, a conspiracy seems to emerge with a warrant to arrest our progress in our individualized pursuits towards a better life. It looks somewhat preposterous to think you can sustain a different kind of mind in the midst of all kinds of turmoil inundating us and the whole society.

We may not be responsible for what we see in society but we are certainly responsible for what is seen in our lives. So, even when despair arises and it looks like we are building castles in the air, we must know that that is a defining moment for us – to make a statement to our subconscious mind on our unchanging course of action.

And in the days to come when we will be accosted by many more interruptions of events in our localities, …we have already built a mind that is immune to such ‘allegations’ on our pursuits.

While we remain humane as events unfold to show our practical side, we must not give up on the ideals we have imprinted on our minds in the moments of despair because the ideals we uphold today are the practicals we experience and in turn offer our world tomorrow.



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Today, I am posting an excerpt from the book, “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell (1900-1986). It is instructive!

“When we speak of a man of principle we mean a man who is governed by the law of right thinking and living; a man who is not easily swayed; a man who is not an opportunist; a man who will not deviate from the path of what he deems to be right for the sake of personal profit or popular acclaim; a man, in short, whom one may trust absolutely to be true to his convictions regardless of the temptations to change or modify them. No one will deny that such a man inspires the utmost confidence and may become a tower of strength and leadership. He is one on whom others rely for leadership, whereas the man who is easily persuaded to yield to pressure, even for kindly motives, is not the type of individual on whom we can depend.”

Raymond Holliwell



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Today, I have decided to give a little excerpt from a training manual I’m currently working on. Short but…a food for thought.

“If we ever think that what we see, the world we live in is just a scientific contraption, an accidental ‘mumbo jumbo’, or even a ‘something’ we cannot explain, then we have subscribed ourselves to a law, a law of our own making, that puts us at variance with the irrefutable laws of life that predated the commencement of the very first human life. We must be careful with our assessment of life because in it lies the answer to all our life’s questions: it shows what we believe, what we don’t believe, what we say we believe but doesn’t show in our behaviour and what can work for us in life.”

Think on these things…



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