Whether you are born rich or poor, we are all born to become ‘pursuant’ to certain life ideals…. It is a certain ‘something’ within us to have a pursuit; for the very life itself cannot be endured let alone enjoyed in the absence of pursuits. This presupposes that the very reality of life is a long chain of desires; the end of one is the beginning of another. It is a necessary fuel for life and a sure impulse for achievement. Desire must not die in man or else he will be want of expiring and suicidal thoughts will proceed on a manhunt for him.

We must all come under the spell of a worthy ideal, an almost utopian anticipation, an expectation of a joy beyond present happiness, a spiritual longing for triumph over all life’s struggles, a peeping into heaven for the Desire of the nations, an inseparableness of man and his Creator, a unique collaboration between finite and infinite.

Think about it! The narrative of Christ’s hypostasis, the perfect union and inseparable oneness of his divinity and humanity bestows on our spirits an immediate opportunity to take in the wonder of such an amazing paradox; an incontrovertible union between visible and invisible, dramatizing before us the prototype of our real anticipation. For at the summit of all human longing is this perfect cohabitation of Spirit and spirit, God and man, Heaven and earth; and as we wade through the sands of our individual deserts of meaning, the quiet desire for immortality that keeps surging onto the surface of our consciousness is simply a call to meet Christ.

He stands at the top of all our desires. The shame of taking our form did not deter him from a temporary demotion from his real nature as God; for man had corrupted the experience of life available to all that will be born through the sin of the first, the prototype, the Adam. With a redemptive compulsion and divine meekness, he submitted to the harshest form of manhandling possible and gained a new position for anyone who will be interested. It is now possible for man to experience that paradox, the unity of spirit and body (actually mind), God and you, the world present and the world to come. And guess what? He is both God and man. Wow! That’s just too much…

“That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us… And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one”



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Quotation from John 17:21-22 of the King James Bible



The whole confusion about the possibility of advance ambivalence (that is what I can call this thing about) – a physical man behaving like a woman or a physical woman behaving like a man – is another proof of man’s ability to control himself and determine his destiny.

Just the same way people end up poor because they refuse to challenge their conditions and exert a preferred idea over such conditions, that is the same way people become gay or one of LGBT because they “chose” to entertain such thoughts and eventually accepted the possibility and they became what they were thinking.

To be a man, one has to choose to think like a man; and to be a woman, one has to choose to think like a woman. The feelings we may discover in ourselves may not be our choice but the responsibility to retain or reject them is absolutely ours.

How can we then allow a careless thought to suddenly take over the reins of our lives? God has made man upright but he is always seeking out many inventions. He wants to explore possibilities that are completely out-of-place and then leave the blame at God’s doorstep. We have been so made that whatever we give ourselves to, we MUST become.

Is that too much for us to understand? To know that whether you are poor or not, it is your choice, whether you retain your natural form or you thrash it in favor of another that looks appealing to you, it is your choice. For there was no time that anybody sat over your will (even when this is possible, you will still have to make your choice) and interrupted the tendency of your mind to either accept or reject the appeal before it.

It will always be our choice…


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The unburdening of the heart…the release of gratitude…the venting of emotions…

…it comes across pretty much like this.

When joy becomes a stranger to your soul, the issues of your life seeming way more formidable than slipping in an occasional snicker that could calm your nerves a bit and give you a slight holiday from your usual worries, or the uneasy rut of being way too philosophical that nothing of terrestrial category holds any appeal as to express childlike excitement and find a new peak of wonder…

When you find yourself in a long stretch of sombre plateau, a repetition of the same stale oddities (familiar experiences), a fiddling of the mind on hopelessness (even when you have reached a level of comfort in life), could you not step out of your zone and watch with rapturous pleasure the birth of a new child or simply gaze into the skies to find some magical impressions arranged for your consolation or stand with childlike naivety to observe the enjoyment of a “new thing” by a friend (or enemy as the case may be)? …if it might help you kick-start your tired engine to continue your life’s journey, even if meaning is still elusive…

And if it doesn’t help…?

The clogged heart must be decongested. You must needs contact a friend or call on a support group to help you bare your heart out. Too much accumulated experiences without an outlet of sharing is toxic to your system. Even if they (friends & etc) don’t have a magic wand (ready-made solution) to waive over your problem, just listening to your story is a means of detoxifying your life. Soon, you will find a space for thanksgiving. A little here…a little there! It builds with time; until you enter the lost rhythm of your youth and vent your passion in unrepressed joy – breathing thankfully that you are alive!

Joy has returned. The heart must be kept free of any form of toxic congestion. We must not think life is only about being alone; we need family and friends who can routinely detoxify our hearts by listening impartially to us and helping us become better.

Wherever there is a free course of gratitude, there will be a smooth surge of significance; and where there is significance, there is something to be grateful for. There is no better cycle of joy!   



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Any slight introduction of self to some negative expressions evokes a rush of passion you never knew existed within. So, when man thinks he is the only cause of his unfolding life-effects and that he needs not submit to the undisputed reality of God; he has only succeeded in upgrading his captivity and he will create several ‘avatars’ of himself for different occasions in order to retain a measure of sanity in a fast disintegrating world. Meanwhile, he becomes a menace to society, a top security risk as well as a ruthless villain; and while on his way to self-destruct, he mindlessly dispose the unfortunate few that will be caught up in the whirlwind of his own rampage…a minor notwithstanding. 



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Disappointments. Frustration. Turbulence.

The daily movement of time and the accompanying worries of unfulfilled dreams, undone projects and the ever-so-present appeal of limited resources so-called, all in one full sweep throws the man-of-honor on a life-threatening spin that usually strips him of his resolve as well as his determination to achieve; and while still pondering the need to slow down, to ponder the ways of his feet…he finds within him certain elements of mischief, develops cold feet as a result and then slowly but surely throws caution to the wind.

This generic man could easily win an election in the combined mammoth republic of China, India, United States and Nigeria because his follower-ship has increased with every passing hour of life’s marathon. And behind the facade of sleek composure lies the puzzling cycle of despair as he momentarily yet dutifully perspires on the tiny particles of shame that has cumulatively gathered on the screen of his mind.


He looks at another and concludes that they are certainly having it better than himself not knowing that there you have another excellent apprentice who has mastered the art of deception or is it decorum? Whatever! As long as there is a next to perfect concealment of the true state of things, you are lulled to believe what you see; not knowing that what you see is not all there is.

To regain the sanity needed for a peaceful and purposeful existence you first have to quit believing what you see. You yourself know that what people see about you is miles apart from what you really are. The searchlight is not to be beamed on other souls; you need help more than the other person. Could you help yourself first? And then we really need to realize that change does not have to be instantaneous…you know like heroic! The host of voices clamoring for your attention cannot be addressed all at once. But if you ever get started, know that the voice of conscience within is the champion of emancipation; and it is that voice that deserves your first attention.

Can you believe it?

Although you are not fully emancipated, the instant calm that kissed your soul at your final surrender to the query of conscience is a big relief to the tired crusader. We all can figure out what is next when we respond to that primary force of spiritual progress resident within us. 



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Nobody is an island or master of truth.

We are all at best apprentices and therefore can eventually qualify to be custodians of truth for our generation and those to come (if we are faithful).

Truth is there any time, every time, all the time; it doesn’t change. There is no human being alive who does not have  any need to change further. The necessity of change makes man a subjective authority.

The truth itself is the objective authority in any matter because human experience sometimes has a way of coloring truth.

And that is the simple reason why no man (and his experiences) should be above authority…especially the authority of truth. For as long as he lives, his comprehension of truth is to the extent of his applications; and it takes a whole life time to dutifully apply truth acquired over time.

If there is no more truth for him to apply, he should at that very moment commence his career in eternity.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”
                                     Mahatma Ghandi


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We despise it often because we use it all the time.

Or is it because it uses us?

Everyday we are inundated with an enormous amounts of words from simple conversations to complex dialogues and of course that chit-chat genre that is really the culprit of standard abuse. We have soon forgotten the power of words because of constant, tiring use/misuse.

If you want to know what is really going on with you, just check what you’ve been saying all day. In it lies the power of change because what you’ve been saying shows what idea has been dealing with you. And once you hold that idea up in your mind for cross-examination, you stand close to the threshold of change…because you see that idea for what it is (good or bad) and you are free to dismiss the cause of your predicament in a moment by embracing a new idea.

Although, it takes a great deal of mental strength to live up to that momentary decision… once it sinks into your subconscious, it eliminates the old tyrannical paradigm that keeps you churning out the same old result supposedly against your will. And then we begin to hear a whole new genre of words!

Uplifting words…enlightening words…power words…


With these words, we seal the fate of our self-subscribed patterns…we formalize or accept the conditions of our internal culture…we call forth both Life and Death to witness our choice and sanction same…we even become a tool of conditioning for those whose minds are subjective to ours. The words we speak represents the final act of amendment of the creative work that began in the mind and is passed through the corridors of intelligence to be legitimized in our material plane of achievement.


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Do you realize that you could be wrong about everything you have believed?

We all did not have control over the conversations, conclusions as well as conditions prevalent around us (as we grew from childhood) that formed our personalities. We like what we like because that is what they liked when we never knew what to like. 

Hence, don’t be so tightfisted on what you got without asking for it when it is actually taking you no where. Our worldviews, paradigms and self-images are all directly influenced by our cultural backgrounds. This places a great demand on all of us to learn. It is an imperative you shouldn’t miss!

Begin your own voyage of discovery like Columbus, there is more to life than what you have seen; stretch your imaginations to planes unfamiliar like Michelangelo, there are more possibilities yet to be explored by mortals; investigate the true nature of your potential, find the real summit of your fulfillment (that worthy ideal that makes life more meaningful beyond the materials), question your current predicaments and chart your own course of enlightenment.

People and experiences are placed on your path for lessons that are worth  their weights in gold. You need to think deeply and ask yourself: what am I learning from this? You don’t have a perfect life, others don’t have a perfect life, so don’t pretend that you have it all fixed. But, isn’t it a perfect life to always have something to learn from others that you are willing and quick to apply to your own life?

We have more to learn than to teach, we have much more to recover or reclaim from years of misuse and abuse of our potential, we have a lot to contribute to our world…. Everyday is another opportunity to shed off some of the baggages of a bad conditioning we got from our dearly loved ones and embrace some new golden thoughts (that are not really new) that can blast ahead of us a path of freshness, emancipation and achievement.

And guess what? Your dearly loved ones will even benefit from such a wonderful change.

“Change is inevitable; personal growth is a choice”

                                  Bob Proctor


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A lot of things will come your way in life that you didn’t see coming or worse still even bargained for. You are taken up by surprise, and if only you could have rehearsed your counter-moves, you could have been so bold and in fact coldly dismiss that amount of rumble with a gust of breath.  Yet, we are not excused at all from the consequences of poor performance.

Life is not busy supervising our intentions; it simply delivers according to our actions and reactions.

Fortitude is about living ready. So, when the problem shows up, you shouldn’t back out in panic as if someone else will suspend their preoccupation with their own life’s issues to come and relief you from your unexpected guest. I am totally in support of Zig Ziglar when he said, whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. However, you must know that that is something to do for others and not merely something to expect from people.


There are times when nobody will be there for you.

You’ve got to be there for yourself! That is fortitude, courage, strength, stamina, resilience, determination, and endurance. It will amaze you that just when you are wondering why nobody is feeling like a superman, rushing to your aid in your new-found crisis; they themselves are caught up with the demands of their own daily struggles.

They were too weak to help. So you’ll see that you can really blame no one about your helplessness. Anyways, you have to be strong.

David encouraged himself when he was at his lowest ebb, when he lost everything to some angry crusaders. None of his men could encourage him because they had also lost everything like him. But you see, nothing changed until he regained his usual fortitude…. He rose up, marshalled his men and went after his assailants and of course he recovered all.

Why should others help you? Don’t you think that’s a self-defeating mentality? Why not rise up, shape up, be a man, be a woman, be strong, look squarely at your predicament, don’t blink an eye, challenge the conditions of your current life…and for once be a hero to yourself. People will always gather around a solution not a problem.

Where there is solution, there is vision…there is a worthy ideal that can redeem people from their boring lives. And don’t let this take you all your life to accomplish cos we have a lot of people around us that will be inspired to win if we also triumph.


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