I actually planned to write on respect today.

I wanted to highlight how it is the simplest form of exchange we can engage with a fellow human!

I guess, I need to think in a different direction…

Was using a convenience at the airport today when I heard a discussion among junior staff of one or two airlines. They sounded so sure! They seem to know all the gist about their bosses. If you could hear them yourself you will think they had to be so close like a friend to these “fortunate” people who are not aware that some people are busy gossiping about them while they are busy getting on with their lives.

Lesson! Some people are just content to talk about what others are doing as if that is an honourable career. Some know how to make things happen, some are actually making things happen while others yet only preoccupy themselves with gathering facts on the first two sets of people as their lives are painfully ebbing away in their very presence.

Life is fare you know…

Whatever you get busy doing will form the structure and expression of your life both now and in the days to come. Will you rather get busy with making your life count than knowing all about others who are or who are not and even volunteering to be their unofficial spokesperson?



I wonder if there is anyone at all who never thinks about this puzzling phenomenon!

Some try to be hyper-moral and it looks as though they are never interested in money but could it be that they have only increased the amount of pressure they brew within when they wonder at their precariously bankrupt state?

Well, let me not judge…but should we not know?

If you ask me, I will say: thinking about money all day is a very good cure for creativity. What do I mean? It is the easiest way to deactivate your creative intelligence. When you think of money, you think of survival; and survival is the lowest level of life.


It might make some sense if we all begin to solve our money problems (i.e. let their be a system that makes money for us, that takes care of the need to survive) so that we can be released to maximize our creative potential…so that we are eventually free to do what we really love to do.

Although, money is not prosperity but when you have what you need consistently you are then released  to prosper! Prosperity is when you can be committed to a course regardless of financial considerations.

Until you begin to do what you REALLY love to do, you cannot cross from survival to significance.

“The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city.”

Survival is not palatable at all. It is the least sense/plane of humanity. You must be able to know how to go to the city…how to make your dreams a reality…how to turn your life to an awesome adventure.



Does it ever occur to you that the biggest pursuit of man is the pursuit of peace?
Not the pursuit of happiness!
Not the pursuit of health!
Not the pursuit of wealth!
Happiness, health, wealth and what?… when you eventually add them all to your trophies, you immediately discern a much more deeper need…though it has been subjective all these while, yet it is the real objective need of man.


Just the feeling that there is no harm in your way…that everything in your life is at their highest sense of perfection…that your job continues to excite you with a divine preoccupation…that your relationships make you feel alive…that your solitude make you want more out of life and you keep looking for more opportunities to express yourself…that your life doesn’t take a long hard look before one can touch the meaning in it…

Does this look Utopian?

Well, but that’s what we all really long for! We want stability, we want power, we want peace…even with the unreasonableness of expecting people to conform to your new agenda, there is no harm in considering a new possibility. Seek what you want. Never mind what the world thinks…you will get it. Seek peace!

…seek, and ye shall find… 


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Eventually we all arrive at a point, a crossroad, and a border where all within us cannot withstand the swiftly emerging current of woes that lies ahead. We are more than overwhelmed!

A casual philosophy of “rise up and be strong” may not cut it as we ponder the ways of our feet and wonder if anyone could really understand what we are going through and where we are in our life’s journey.

We will not always be brave.

And I mean you…you will not always master yourself!

You get tripped off in life every so often…

Even when you have no one offering a guideline, you find yourself doing the very last thing you can ever think about. First, you sit…you are tired of standing and having a false feeling of security and superiority over all life’s issues. You appraise your ego in that reclining mood and scrutinize the extent of its damage.

Then, you bend…you just know you owe no man apologies for succumbing to this long-detained motion that has boycotted every element of reason in your relativistic mind-set. You realise that this motion is ‘life flowing towards a higher reality’.

…bending in order to surpass the inertia of vanity and breaking through to God.

When you see Him, your motion suddenly ends in kneeling…at this point all your reasons are effectively disabled as your intuition knows that you have entered into a spiritual pilgrimage and that you are not the lord of that realm…you willingly ascribe all your rights to Him whose love you can’t explain and whose power you can’t resist.

All the depths of your being are strangely awakened as well as heightened to a Monarch you never knew existed or possibly have a faint idea of. Reason did a good job to blind you but now your spirit is revived and faith is arisen.

Is it not strange that you are free when you are on your knees?






Hey there!

Do you ever get to wonder why the human will capitulates easily before intruding ideas? I mean, why do we find it difficult to blaze a new trail instead of joining the bandwagon? Or, even when we say we will act in a certain way, why do we still helplessly and instinctively continue the old patterns that makes us a willing captive to popular ideas?

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

Everything we see with our physical eyes are not primarily physical things, they are spirits dressed in physical apparels; and if they are not so dressed, we could not experience them physically since we are interacting with a physical world. The problem is when we react to these things, we react physically. Now, you are only reacting at the appearance not the real thing. That makes us violate the law of cause and effect. The cause is not what we can see because what we see is just a manifestation of an idea. So, if you focus on that, it will be a hopeless activity.

You are spirit and everything you are dealing with is spirit. Everything we see began as an idea and ideas are constructs of the human spirit. And since body cannot displace spirit, attacking what you see is an attempt to capture spirit by physical means. Therefore, everything you don’t want in your life is spirit and if you hath rule over your own spirit, unsolicited ideas from the world around you can bark at you as long as they want, they cannot gain access into you let alone control you. You selectively choose what will enter into your life because the walls of your spirit are not only erect but formidably so. And you know how to solve problems: you don’t deal with effects but causes and causes are not physical materials but spirits. It takes spirit to displace spirit.



So, what’s up today!

I was musing yesterday about the human condition and how if man will only employ his own inner resources of thought to cross-examine his case and give a learned verdict, he will be better off where he is today. Although, I noted that unfortunately he can actually help someone else to solve their problems while he himself is in limbo.

We have to train ourselves to be able to summon our powers whenever we so require and this because we are always in battle and as the general of the armies of our thought daily fighting the armies of circumstances, we don’t need sergeants who can’t fall into proper formation when we marshal them in our favor.

…thought is man’s currency for purchasing his preferred product in the market of circumstances. 

Think about that!


We are making purchases everyday. The process is not exactly simple, yet it is not complex either. It will be complex if we require something from outside ourselves to correct our state. Even when we are aided divinely (and we should be), it is in cooperation with this tiny micro-element of life, thought.

What is the thought in your mind now?



I have been away for a while… I’m back now and I am going to be experimenting with short-sized articles. I hope it delivers MORE within a SHORT space.


I’m just wondering this afternoon…

Concerned about a terrible trend among most mortals!

It’s had to come to grasp with the fact that we hardly think.

We think we think but we don’t know that what we call thinking is most times self-degradation or in a mild way, self-pity.

Instead of thinking until we arrive at the solution required to correct our predicaments, we sink into a routine of self-diminishing thoughts.

Now, that same person when confronted with the same case in another mortal easily churns out ‘what to dos’ for that individual but for him, he remains clueless! Why do we see the speck of dust on other people’s eyes and we cannot see the log of wood on our own faces? How can we think of helping others if we ourselves don’t take time to think about the way out of our own challenges?

If you are going to be authentic, you must settle down first to apply your medicine to yourself before you begin to apply it to others. I cannot help you if I am not currently helping myself…

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