Decision determines destiny

It is part of life to make decisions. That simply implies acceptance and/or rejection of certain things, facts, elements, actions, reactions etcetera. This we do everyday…this we have to do everyday…until we either arrive in destiny or become totally lost, away from the possibilities of purpose. The opportunities available to us tomorrow are really contingent […]

The Majestic Life

Two things strike me about the eagle. One, sharp vision. That’s expensive! The capacity of the eagle to see with its penetrating eyes makes it combine the “now” and “future” into a singular experience. To me, it doesn’t look as if today is different from tomorrow to an eagle especially when the beneficiary of these […]

Awareness (2)

How do we begin to live with such an intentionality that makes us conscious of our reactions to the universe? Awareness is a matter of recognising our reaction to life, outcomes and events. Then we move to cross examine these reactions to identify the weaknesses they represent in us. Reactions simply reveal an inherent, predictable […]