FOCUS on what you have

I had typed a fairly good script and I just lost it. So, I think I will just summarise my thoughts again… The reason why you don’t value what you have is you think others have something you don’t have and they’re having a great deal of fun, leaving you out of it. That makes […]


“You will become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspirations.” James Allen As I think about the possibilities of life and the opposites that may result, I am more and more convinced that we are all products of our choice(s). We are always making choices and these preferences are sending […]

Quantum (5)

“That which is repeated more often in your life is the single most important factor in your development.” Whatever is consistent with you will become permanent for you. The way you see your life, the measure of value you ascribe to yourself and the world around you, the actions you repeat (either with leisure or […]