Find your meaning where you are!

The thought of what else could I be doing with my life now is one of those thoughts that cuts across race, religion, gender, culture, career and age. It’s a thought that begs for attention but often gets dismissed in the midst of life’s haunting pressures, fostered by cultural norms and social expectations. It’s possible […]

Mind Over Matter

Today, my thoughts kept on revolving around the issues of life,  opportunities, circumstances and experience. And I found myself asking a simple question: why! Why do we have so much inside and yet think someone else is better? Why do we have answers all around and we are still looking for them elsewhere? Why do […]


Men identify more with results… no offence meant That which readily speaks commands more attention than that which currently stammers (even if it has the hope of ‘clear speaking’ in a short while). If you understand human nature, you will take no offence. Or at least if you feel a bit embarrassed, you will control […]