Your Dominant Thought

Your dominant thought will determine what you see in the world. ***Thinking mode activated*** You will always find what you are looking for. The world is a place with multiple contexts, activities, actors, spectators etcetra. We can’t take in everything within our material proximity. Even though the brain is inundated with millions of thoughts at […]

Achievement (2)

Have you decided what it is you really, really want? I was intrigued when I first heard this kind of question. Because I immediately realised that we think we know what we want only to go about life with anything but the kind of clarity required for commitment, dedication, and persistence that guarantee achievement. You […]


Yeah, it’s REALLY getting better. How’s it going with you? Let’s get back to our discussion on achievement. There are four steps already introduced: Awareness, Approach, Attitude and Achievement. Remember I said: 1. Knowledge is the fuel of awareness. 2. Thoughtfulness is the force of approach. 3. Repetition is the secret of attitude. 4. Consistency […]