Quantum (5)

“That which is repeated more often in your life is the single most important factor in your development.” Whatever is consistent with you will become permanent for you. The way you see your life, the measure of value you ascribe to yourself and the world around you, the actions you repeat (either with leisure or […]


This has been the summary of man’s struggle. What exactly are we looking for? Kingdoms have risen and fallen; all for the desire for emancipation. The strongest have become preys, the wisest have been made weak, the richest have dropped to a depth of misery that man has not known before…it is a cycle of […]


Does it ever occur to you that the biggest pursuit of man is the pursuit of peace? Not the pursuit of happiness! Not the pursuit of health! Not the pursuit of wealth! Happiness, health, wealth and what?… when you eventually add them all to your trophies, you immediately discern a much more deeper need…though it […]