The Goodness of God

Do you see how much God has got your back? How infinitely meticulous He is with His care for you? How many times have you been delayed and that was a covert deliverance from an impending danger? 

He has kept you from the plots of (evil) men and made you invincible to the spells of evildoers. All that, you may not be able to account for consciously!

You have a job, you are married, you have children, you are even a lifter of men. Even if there is one thing that makes you feel incomplete in your existential pursuits, you definitely have many things now, that will leave you forlorn (or despondent), if you were to lose anyone of them.

God has been good to you!

No one is so bankrupt of God’s goodness, that cannot withdraw a single memory of divine mercy from the bank of history… no matter how far away s/he might be from God today.

He has shown us mercy in the past, but why are we so destitute of His help today? And even feel overwhelmingly puzzled with the ever so elusive future drawing nearer, by the day!

Even though we all have received the first installments of His goodness in many ways, it does not become a permanent experience, until we have responded positively to the great love that God has displayed towards us. Loving Him back will bring you to a personal knowledge of Him and you will begin to “fear” Him (actually it means reference – fear mixed with love), worship Him, lean on Him and trust Him.


Repsond to Him

When you respond back with your love to God, your physiology will begin to experience a shift. Because your spirit man will begin to show signs of (new) life, and that may signal the beginning of a permanent experience for you. And you are now honoring the law of your being: spirit comes before soul and soul comes before body.

There is beauty in the symmetry of expressions that will begin to flow out of you to your fellow men, and very soon to the nations! You have touched something that will bring the world to your feet, not to be served, but to serve them with the specific “variety” of God’s goodness that your life (and purpose) represents.

Why not now?

Now, don’t despise “…the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering…” since “…the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” (Romans 2:4) The purpose of past experiences of God’s goodness to you, even when you didn’t know Him, is to lead you to make a U turn to God.

You will agree with me that God has already taken the initiative of pursuit over everyone of us alive, and it is now our turn to simply accept the waiting invitation to a new life, full of God’s goodness, safety and defense against satanic assaults and accusations.

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Leadership and The Sense of Acceptance

‚Äč  1. Sense of acceptance/belonging.                   2. Sense of achievement.                                   3. Sense of contribution.                                   4. Sense of meaning

These are the four senses and we will be looking at the sense of acceptance.

These are the senses you have within your soul representing the highest values of your spirit. Your spirit is the real you and it is designed to have contact (relationship) with God, as well as receive (and release) God’s thoughts and desires as communicated to it. It is a provindential trust that is committed to him and if he keeps the “heaven” over him opened, he will continue to traffic with deep things (thoughts/ideas) downloaded into his spirit from above for beneficial purposes.

Acceptance is seen in how we receive newborns

Even the way you arrived into the world is a giveaway. Most people alive today were welcomed into the waiting arms and excitement of a family. In order words, you were accepted into a family. That was the first communication/expression of love you came to know…the giving of acceptance. Although, you could not verbalize your experience then, it was wonderful all the same.

And even today, when you have outgrown such ‘childish’ things, you still secretly harbour the desire for acceptance. While that desire may be expressed by violating the rights of others, it remains a pure desire that is only being abused. It is, therefore, incumbent on you to find the highest function for this legitimate desire. 

Accepted in the beloved

“…wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Ephesians 1:6

You want to be accepted by something higher than your self. There is a longing for an acceptance that words do a poor job of expressing. People have tried dozens of things, in the entire spectrum of pleasurable activities, that has made them feel “high”, even legitimate pleasures, only to feel deflated in a short moment. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Why good experiences do fail to satisfy this inner want and ‘wandering’ for acceptance?

You are really longing to be accepted into the mystery of the entire universe. You are anticipating a joy, a perfection, a wonder, a rest that has no match/alternative in mundane privileges. You are actually crying to be admitted into a family that is served by angels and are stewards and statesmen (and women) of the Most High. 

You are simply longing for something that has already been done for you. You only need to accept it. Here comes the simple truth: To enter into this highly spiritual experience of acceptance, you need to accept Him who has made you accepted into the heavenly company.

What has this got to do with leadership?

Remember, leadership is service; extending the contents of your being and the benefit of what you are becoming to the rest of mankind. The mass of humanity out there are looking for acceptance. They are awaiting genuine leadership. They want someone who has been accepted… to reach out to them and lead them to acceptance.

Many men who do not know their fathers up till now, ladies and moms who never knew the joy of a caring parent themselves, executives who continue to wonder why they still suck, despite their amazing outward successes and young people who reserve their wonder for a hero, who is a millennial (or younger), are all looking for something larger than them to absorb (accommodate) them.

They want to be a part of something. These are a mass waiting to be led to the solution they so desire. What if you have this solution as your own ‘current’ experience? “…Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?” Matthew 11:3. It is the question John, the baptist, asked Jesus when he so much needed his help (a variation of acceptance). It is the same question the entire world is asking you.

Do you have an answer to this? If your answer is, yes, then welcome to leadership. Now, you have a lifetime of helping people enter into the acceptance that has been offered them through the specificity of your life and the uniqueness of its story and gifting. It is the matter of this uniqueness of calling and assignment that is substantiated in the second sense, the sense of achievement. And it is what we will look into next!


The sense of achievement will be published on or before next week.

I will really like to hear from you. Please let me know how this has helped you. Blessings!

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Leadership and Self-awareness

Leadership is always a personal choice to do what others are not willing to do. It is a choice to keep making that one choice through out your life time. In the previous discourse, we examined the choice of self leadership, a choice to lead your self that eventually becomes beneficial to humanity.

That leads us to the question of self-awareness. The decision to lead is borne out of self-awareness. Self-awareness is much more than observing one’s own actions or pondering one’s steps. All of that happens in the physical plane. We all do that but because of the low “voltage” of determination generated in such moments, there is always little or no change.

The self-awareness I’m talking about here is a spiritual quality. It is a state of elevation. When (your) spirit is truly developed, you have an inner strength, much like a control centre, that easily captures the entire spectrum of your lifestyle, and can identify areas of fault that needs your urgent attention, correction and intervention.

How is (your) spirit developed?

The human being is essentially spirit and it is not a product of random evolution or philosophical conjectures. Man was created by God in His very image and likeness. That is like saying, you are made according to the very blueprint of God’s own configuration. God is Spirit (John 4:24); and He has made you spirit (Genesis 2:7, 1:26, 1 Corinthians 2:11, Job 32:8). Now, just as a fish cannot survive outside its natural environment; man cannot also survive if he stays away from his natural habitat. Bear in mind that we are not even meant to survive only; we are meant to thrive.

God Himself is the natural environment/habitat for man to thrive in, and not only survive. It is from Him you came forth and you cannot begin to develop your spirit, if you are not in (alignment to) Him. Jesus said, “I and my father are one” (John 10:30). Everything His life was about gave humanity the blueprint for authentic spiritual development. And we can simply follow His example to find true spiritual symmetry. In that state, your capacity for self-awareness is perfected.

You can get appropriate assessment of your lifestyle in your spirit. “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.” (Proverbs 20:27). With your spirit, you can do a search of your entire being. But it is only as you are “…of the Lord”. This is simply showing a powerful “marriage” or fusing together of your spirit and the Spirit. Usually man is still able to exercise self-awareness outside of this relationship, only that, it is limited. The best contribution you can make in life depends on the full development and unleashing of your spiritman within you.

Work is spiritual

This is why work is a spiritual thing. That’s right! I mean your work, vocation, job etc. Work is the means by which you spread the contents of your spirit to the rest of humanity, specifically to those whom you serve with your occupation. God said, “…Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion…” (Genesis 1:28). Work is the means by which you spread your influence (which is actually God’s work in you as expressed in the remarkable excellence that accompanies your craft) and gain dominion (which is the opportunity to influence others in the direction of your growth).

The 4 senses

It is inborn and normal for all of us to want to belong, to achieve, to contribute and to make sense.  This is the hidden drivers of our desires (which becomes goals) and actions (which are the forerunners of fulfillment).

We will go fully into the 4 senses in the next post. Remember, they are:

1. Sense of acceptance/belonging

2. Sense of achievement

3. Sense of contribution

4. Sense of meaning

…would you let me know what you think about this? I look forward to hear it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Regards! 

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Leadership begins with self, not with others

“…anyone who has control of his spirit is better than someone who captures a city.”  Solomon, Proverbs 16:32

Leadership begins with self, not with others.

What you do with yourself first, is the first

determinant of your preparedness to lead others. What you do with/for others only shows the extent of your personal and spiritual growth. The world has nothing significant to reap from you, if you have not made much of your self, that is, grow in the direction of your potential. Except, of course, nuisance (whatever that is!) which is the very thing you have nurtured so far.

Here is a nugget for you, “there is no vacuum in nature.” Oh you know that, right? Yeah, everybody does!

Given the same amount of time, opportunity, exposure and, may be, education, one person becomes a blessing to the world and the other, a curse. Remember, the only thing the rest of the world can reap from you is the benefits of what you are becoming. And they will certainly reap it, one way or the other! 

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Paul of Tarsus, Galatians 6:7

The opportunity of self-reflection

There is nothing the media is currently reporting that is not a reflection of what we have been sowing as a people. For instance, the United States have sown so much liberalism, that has substantially shifted her from the moorings of their founding fathers, and is being publicly tested in the demeanor of Clinton and Trump, Presidential contestants for the November elections. While Hillary Clinton may be treated with suspicion, Donald Trump has on his side the recreational benefits of a people amused by a clown master.

Leadership is doing what you can with what you have

Nevertheless, we must quickly note that, Clinton is in a company of people who seem to be more proficient managers of imperfections. One must applaud the grace they have displayed this week, where a sitting President makes such a powerful and emotional case for his former rival.

And not only President Obama, but a former president, Bill Clinton, whose turn it is to pay back Hillary who stood firmly by him, during his presidency, and Chelsea, Bill and Hillary’s daughter, and others, who beautifully wove a personal story into their case for Secretary Clinton’s presidency. That was beautiful. For me, it makes the case for a new start for anyone with imperfections, and who doesn’t have any?

Both parties, Democrats and Republicans, are full of many struggles and inconsistencies, but one of them, and you know who, has found a way to lead, by focusing on hope instead of hate. And even if this is not sufficient for them to redeem their image, it still shows their willingness to do the best within their own challenges, which is a mark of leadership, and which, if I might add, is the very quality that recommends them for another 4 to 8 years of leading the American people.

Anyway, where was I?

Anyone or group of persons who is willing and committed to taking the right step or doing the best in a personal situation IS the one qualified to help others to replicate the same experience in their own lives. Leadership is when private victory becomes a public advantage. You see that this definition of leadership embraces a person’s own daily struggles, learning (or unlearning) and accomplishments, as well as, the call that gets placed on him/her to extend the grace experienced so far to the rest of humanity.

This is why I believe the challenges confronting us globally today, requires an individual focus on people and not just nations. For all we know, even a nation is subject to the whims and caprices of a man or woman who is either elected to lead it or forcefully takes power.

The power of ideas

You hear shootings all the time now in the country that ships its culture most to the rest of the world. Police maligning those who are not “white”, increased violence against the American police and, of course, Europe’s trauma in recent times, this is taking for granted the wildfires of religious radicalization that has engulfed much of the middle east, and now getting a western twist in what had dominated the news in recent times. Now, it’s no longer a fight against religious radicalization, but a war against a more subtle and even encouraged element in today’s globalization, ideas.

Yes, that is the single most irreducible element of self. Whether we are discussing politics, business, religion or life, we are shaped by the ideas we have entertained and eventually admitted into our (in)formal, you know, normal way of thinking. This is the reason why leadership is even more crucial now than ever.

If you’re following me so far, you’ll know that, it is not, first of all, how to lead others from something undesirable to our collective existence as humans, that is my concern here, rather, it is to unlearn the bad habit of leaving self to chance, basically making much of your self by investing time and effort in doing the hardworking of leading your self.

The development of good answers to effort

Just like things do not require any effort whatsoever to degenerate into disrepair, evil usually runs faster than good; because any state of idleness is good enough breeding ground for the multiplication of evil.

Any development of good is always a product of active, committed and sustained effort. Not leading your self is evil and you don’t need to look too far to see what it has cost the world. Leading your self is the good that will slowly but surely restore order and prosperity again into our world.

Accepting the responsibility to lead your self

So, how do we begin to do just that? Now, what I’m about to share with you may sound a bit philosophical but I humbly ask you to follow me with your mind first before making a decision. We arrived on earth as “raw materials”, if you like, and with the proper mix of some “finished materials”, what physically began as a raw material gradually transforms into a refined product, that is useful (purposeful) in shaping the human experience and making the world a better place. If, like me, you see yourself as yet unfinished, a work in progress, you will be more careful with the way you expose yourself to ideas that are dangerous to the collective prosperity of mankind. 

Carefully decide what you will believe

Now, how do we know what ideas to accept and what ideas to reject? This question is a key question to ask as we seek to actualize the true self we are destined to be. The seed of this self that we are yet to become is already in us. So we need a sure way of staying on course in the midst of all the possibilities (or is it distractions?) that is all around us.

Two things shines through so far, you need to have a revelation of who you are, the seed of which is already in you, and then you must learn to lead your self towards the direction of your destiny by aligning yourself to the conditions (principles) that will guide your beliefs, tastes and choices. 

Do you have the map to destination YOU?

My guess is by now you know that you need a map. You are basically a traveller. You’ve not been here before. You are on a mission. You need a map that will show you, who you must become and how to become who you must become, in order to get to your destination.

I believe the words of Socrates is appropriate here: the unexamined life is not worth living. And like the cartoon character, Doc Mcstuffins, says (and sings) in my children’s cartoon, it is “time for a check up!”

Here are 7 questions to ask your self:

1. Is the world better off without me?

2. If I woke up tomorrow the most powerful person on earth, probably, #POTUS*, what will I do with that power?

3. Power is for order, direction and expansion. Do I prosper with power or do I suddenly become wicked?

4. If every other person in the world today begin to live exactly as I live, believing the same things and doing the same things, will there still be violence, corruption, immorality, segregation etcetera, in the world?

5. What kind(s) of reward can make me swing my beliefs instantly to something opposite?

6. Who am I?

7. What exactly am I here for?

Self-awareness is the starting point

Remember, the question of leadership today is not whether you have people following you or looking up to you, it is whether you know and accept yourself enough to follow your self. Following yourself is what makes it possible to have a refined version of you that will live and breathe for the good of others. It is this type of person that can be emulated and, of course, followed by others who sincerely want to repeat the same quality of mastery (or more) in their own lives.

*#POTUS is President of the United States

Upcoming: Self-awareness and the 4 senses

1. Sense of acceptance

2. Sense of meaning

3. Sense of contribution

4. Sense of achievement


Why don’t you want to suffer?

Life is after all a school.
…an institute may be.

There are classes and tutors;
Class mates & seniors.
That explains why you can’t run your show by the rules of a class different from yours!

All the rules, guidelines and entire curriculum are determined by the learning objectives of each class.

But regardless of what class you are in today, everyone in this great school must register for one of the core courses.

There are courses like Happiness, Family, Love, Calling in the School of Life. But the one that seems to determine your progress with the remaining courses is Suffering.

As undesirable as it is, everybody has either been through it or will go through it. Indeed, some may be going through it now. Suffering is a difficult thing. It subjects you to, kind of, a lockdown. Like the Lord Christ, all resources of life is temporarily withdrawn from you except volition!

Yes your choice! The decision to compromise your values in a moment of suffering or to uphold it is a fierce contest you are in, in that time space.

Whatever you do, is what you are rewarded for after the entire ordeal is expired. For some, the reward is enjoyable; for others…they just have to live with it!

You know what I mean?

Taking that course and going through that season of suffering is what ushers you in to change. The Old wineskin is removed in preparation for the new wine. The process of separating what must end now in your life in order to gain capacity for what is to come is suffering.

Hence, suffering is not an enemy; it is your ally. When it comes, it is in your own best interest. You are subjected to all kinds of pain and discomfort, just to ascertain your inner worth and expose your true motives and nature.

It is a time when humility is easily embraced. Or what else would you do when you’re introduced to your real self – the self you’ve never known! Regardless of your inner discomfort with all the drama, accepting these “new” ramifications of yourself and submitting to principles challenging them is what makes you come out of the furnace of suffering refined as gold.

“Old things have passed away; all things have become new.”